31 August 2010

W.I. Tuesday from WI

So...since I am in Wisconsin for the next three months (72 days -ish), I won't have access to a gym (which totally sucks a fat one), nor a scale.  So, I got a WW scale.  I am not going to lie--the past 7 days (not today) have been horrendous--as far as food choices and no working out.  Today, while I ate few points, I think the only healthy check I made was the water one.  Tomorrow I am going back to really being conscientious of what I am eating, and now that I have fully stocked my sister's kitchen, I will be able to cook. 
Ok. On to the weigh-in (which I totally anticipated being + pounds):



Now, I am not getting too excited, because it could very well be because of the new scale, but I am going to do a happy dance anyway. 
Since I started WW--I am down -15.9 lbs!!  YAY!!
Now, I just need to start working out again!


  1. Do you have access to the Greenheck Field House? They have a fitness center/weight room that is open to the public and I think as a district employee you might get some discount or something. Might be worth a look.

    Hooray on the weight loss!

  2. Sweet! Thanks so much! I will check it out!!!


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