06 August 2010

Working out...

I am an athlete at heart.  The additional pounds only make it frustrating that I am no longer in the shape I was at my best.  I do need to keep in mind that my best was when I was about 17 years old, and I have a considerable amount of damage to my body/health that I have to account for and improve upon.
So it is a day-to-day battle. 
I have noticed that I feel very different if I don't work out. I am lethargic, down, and much more sluggish--and not from doing anything either--I am taking full advantage of this summer for the first time in three years as an educator.  Being unemployed doesn't help with the "down-ness" I experience, but I can combat it with working out.  Two problems get in my way at times--1. Motivation and 2. My knee pain.  Motivation is a daily battle.  As I type this I should be putting my shoes on to drive to the gym. And since going to the doctor last week, I have been taking it easy--I haven't walked/jogged for the C25K program, haven't hit the elliptical, and yet I still have pain.   Which is frustrating in itself because I was finding a good place--I was being consistent, I was motivated by just proving to myself that I could do the program and succeed, and I had begun to change my eating habits.  I worry that my knee won't ever feel right--and worse, that this is just some excuse my whacked-out brain has come up with to help me avoid what is good for me.
So I fight.  I will go to the gym and lift weights.  I won't do legs (even though I want to), and I will come home and do yoga.  I ordered my 2 favorite yoga programs on DVD (I used to have them on VHS, but you know how technology is--and I think they got sold in the "entire life" garage sale I had before moving out here three years ago).  Sara Ivanhoe is down-to-earth, not too granola-cruncher-ee, and even though the fat gets in the way of my flexibility, I don't feel like she is judging me or being condescending. Yes, I am aware that I am watching this--I never said I was sane!
So, enough procrastinating.  I am off to kick my muscles' asses. 

New video to try today!

Love this one--VERY relaxing.
Fat burning yogs=holy sweaty and leg workout! (Joy of Yoga = good for beginners)


  1. Hi! I found your blog on the WW website as I was surfing the community boards. It's a great blog! I love the recipes and the photos!

    I don't know what knee issues you have but I thought I would suggest something. I have horrible knees (surgery 2x on each) but recently began the C25K program (on week 3). I found that taking Osteo Bi-Flex (Energy formula) has helped my constant knee pain, grinding, popping, you name it issues SO MUCH! Oh and another plus... this week it's on sale as a buy one get one @ Walgreen's Pharmacies (not sure if you have those in your area of the country).

    I hope I'm not stepping on any toes or being annoying with my suggestion. I just thought I would share since I've had success with it.


  2. Sweet THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I appreciate and value ANY comments/suggestions/feedback I can get!! Thank you again!!


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