08 August 2010

The damage...

As I was in the shower tonight (it seems that many of my ideas/revelations occur there--I wish there was a more convincing way to record these moments of brilliance though) reflecting on what I ate today, I realized I should have photographed everything in a way to hold myself accountable.  ARGH.  That would have been brilliant.
As I am digesting, I am kicking myself for merely eating the deliciousness rather multitasking by archiving the experience as well.
This won't be the same...

At The Bite of Oregon:
mini-plate: 5 bean salad with prosciutto & one seared smoked (AMAZING) scallop--shared bites with everyone..
bite of hush puppy
taste of gespacho
skewer of marinated chicken (shared a bite with everyone)
fried spring roll (large) (delicious, but not ww friendly)
1 grilled shrimp
bite of crab meat
bite of mini-shrimp
bite of challah bread, marionberry jam, blue cheese, and hazelnut butter--all grilled. (OMG--I could have eaten about 40 of these sandwiches--delicious!!)(Here is the food cart and menu they offer--check it out!!!)
marrionberry cobbler--no whip cream & no ice cream (YAY ME!) so basically, marrionberries and a biscuit.

At Portland City Grill:
*baby arugula salad with orange vinaigrette with 1 strawberry and some blueberries, and a teeny bit of goat cheese (baby arugula is peppery--my mouth was on FIRE after eating this!-but it was GOOD!)
*3 salt and pepper seared scallops over a bed of delicious creamy risotto with asparagus and spring peas (I EVEN ATE PEAS!!!--super proud of myself, but as L said, I couldn't taste them!) garnished with a few flakes of parmesean cheese.
*A bite of L's halibut cheeks & rice (YUM)
A bite of R's fillet (OMG--that steak was like butter--melted in my mouth--YUM!!!)
Glass of amazing Pinot Noir with dinner
split "Sin" with K--OMG chocolate cakey/saucy deliciousness with crunchy toffee bits hidden inside and ice cream
Two bites of the lavender donuts (OMG.OMG.OMG. YUM)
*these were chef specials for the day/week(?) SO GLAD!!!!

Super full and super happy after dinner--it was awesome going out and having awesome conversation and food with other grown-ups, AND I didn't feel guilty as I ate.  I ate slowly, enjoyed what I put in my mouth, enjoyed the atmosphere and company, and I knew that I would workout this coming week, make some meals in advance, and make the effort to do the best I can every day to improve my choices and eating habits. 

Pretty darn good day if you ask me!!!

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  1. That was an incredible meal! I'm still savoring the memory of the Sin dessert!


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