18 March 2011

Proud of myself...

Can you tell?
Me after WillPower and Grace (60 minutes) and Yoga (60 minutes)!

I was unbelievably close to NOT going to the gym tonight.   The dreary weather is getting to me, football practice tomorrow is going to be rainy, muddy, cold and gross again, and I haven't really taken a day off from actual physical movement/exertion beyond sitting on my butt on my computer chair/couch since the 6th.  Last Friday I missed my routine double-class at the gym for L's step-brother-in-law's birthday celebration dinner, and it would have been SO easy to "miss" again this week. 

And as I tried to convince myself to get my butt in gear, change out of my pjs, and get my fat butt to the gym, I realized that my downhill slides back into unhealthy began Just. Like. This. 

Terrible eating, not tracking what I eat, and CHOOSING to listen to the lazy part of my brain that just wanted to stay home and watch tv and do nothing healthy.  And that became my routine. 

I don't want that to happen again.  I realized that tonight when for the first time during WillPower and Grace I was able to do 1 FULL heart-to-heart plank--ON. MY. TOES!!!!!!!!!!  And even though I am totally far from being in love with my body, I see that I am toning up in places I had forgotten about.  I am getting stronger--proof was in my performance tonight.  I am also getting more flexible--during yoga I was able to hold poses longer than in the past, and I am more able to focus on what I CAN do rather than what I am unable to do (yet!).  I need to remember this moment, hence the post-workout (UNFLATTERING) picture.  I am proud of myself, and I need to stop sabotaging my efforts in what I eat and how I choose to refuel my body.  Next week begins a re-focus on tracking and a real effort for staying on plan. 
I won't totally go overboard this weekend--it will just be easier for tracking purposes to start on my weigh-in day. 

I feel good.  :) YAY!


  1. That is awesome!!!!! And so true. I've been sliding back into laziness and I need to get back on track. You've definitely inspired me with this post.

  2. It's so easy to slip back into the old comfy routines, but good for you for stepping back and really looking at your choices and recommitting to your health.


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