20 March 2011

Grocery Shopping FAIL.

L is gone for the week.  He left this morning, and since he usually goes grocery shopping on Sundays, I was left to do my own weekly shopping.
I wanted to attempt a grocery excursion similar to Beth's, so I went and printed out coupons from Whole Foods, and came up with a plan.  Granted, my plan was not thorough and overall it sucked, but still--a sucky plan should be better than NO PLAN. 
Either way.  Whole Foods is, and always will be, Whole Paycheck.  At least until I make a 6 figure paycheck. And since this will NEVER happen, I think you get the picture.
Also, after today's shopping, I am more glad than not that L does the grocery shopping.  Going to stores with amazing meats and produce and seeing all the things I can't have just because I want them is frustrating. 

On to the purchases and enough negative-nancy-pity-party.

Whole Foods was my first stop, and since I had never been to this location before, I drove by the entrance on accident and had to go around this GIANT block to find my way back.  Great start. 
4 Chobbani yogurts + 2 Champagne Mangoes = $6.58.
The goal was to get Cottage Cheese, Chicken Sausage, Champagne Mangoes, a specific Greek Yogurt, and Tea.  I didn't need the tea, but I had a coupon.  Out of my items, I successfully purchased ONE of these items.  The produce at WF is incredible.  AND samples of fruits are a true treat.  I was going to try these Champagne Mangoes even without the sample, but the sample assured me that I made the right choice. YUM!  The greek yogurt that I had a coupon for didn't look appealing, so I got Chobani, and the cottage cheese also didn't excite me. I completely forgot about the chicken sausage--I was totally enthralled by the produce and fresh seafood--and I walked out of the store with 6 items.  I spent $6.58.  YUK.

Trader Joe's haul.
Trader Joe's was more successful and made me a great deal less sad.  I got 15 items and spent $26.95--and the most expensive thing was $3.99 (chicken sausage).  AND I only bought 3 things I didn't need/shouldn't have bought.  But internet, I really wanted chips and dip and macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight.

Here is what I got:
2 lemons
bag of sliced mushrooms
bag of baby arugula/lettuce
Package of baby heirloom tomatoes
1 sweet onion
1 head of cauliflower
1 bag of sweet potatoes

Bag of frozen pineapple
Spinach, Fontina & Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage
Honey Wheat Pretzel Twists

Didn't need to get, but got:
Potato Chips (Ridged)
Shells and White Cheddar macaroni and cheese
1 package of cream cheese

I am going to roast the cauliflower, bake the sweet potatoes, use the pineapple for smoothies, make a fruit salad with the mangoes and pineapple that L got me at Costco yesterday, and as of now I have already eaten too much potato chips and dip I made with the cream cheese and onion.

I packed my lunch/snack for tomorrow, I know what I will eat for Tuesday's meals, and  on Tuesday I will have more time to plan out the rest of the week/weekend. I'll probably have to go to Winco later this week for basic produce (apples/bananas)--even though I am not a fan, the price can't be beat.

And the baby Heirloom tomatoes? OMG.  ALMOST BETTER THAN JELLY BELLY JELLY BEANS. 
Hey now, I did say almost!  I really love the cool little shapes and sizes that are in the package.  I have some for tomorrow's lunch to throw on my salad.  FUN! 

Overall, for $33.53 I did ok.  Definitely not fun, but as I go forward, there isn't much about growing up that is fun. Especially not being responsible and budget-conscious. 

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  1. I <3 those stores SO much. Glad they're not very close b/c spendy but their stuff is so fresh and good and it makes you feel healthier and crunchier just by walking in the door. $33 for a week's groceries?! That's nuthin'--we average $50-60 per week (usually not including the $12ish we spend on beer) and still eat out once a week... Hmmm...missing Mom sending home the big bags of groceries every time I went home...


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