18 October 2011


Things I love:

BodyPump class.

Tanning (I know, I know...but I have these atrocious tan lines I need to get rid of (they totally are apparent in my dress! And anyway, I LOVE BEING BROWN!)

My family.  (They will be here in ONE WEEK!)

Book Club (T-minus 4 days).

Clean hair.

Vitamins.  Especially Vitamin D.

Diet Soda.



17 October 2011


So I am pretending that what I am experiencing is normal.

11 days.

I hate my dress.

I hate my shoes.

I hate my jewelry.

I hate my body, hair, and everything...

I hate a the homemade projects I've finished.

I hate what little decorations we will have.

I am stressed, overwhelmed, and all I want to do is eat bread.

03 October 2011

Pulling myself out of the funk...

And forcing myself to face the reality that my bad habits are truly detrimental to all aspects of my life.  I am grouchy, tired, sluggish, and a huge debbie-downer.  


Working out 4x a week isn't helping.  Especially since I am going to 4 weightlifting classes and doing no cardio because I hate cardio.  Nevermind what I eat.  Clearly, by the weight gain, I am not making good choices.  If I had a job, I'd be back to Weight Watchers.  For now, I will use MyFitnessPal to track my calorie intake, but I won't lie--it makes me VERY crabby.

Have I mentioned that I have no job, am getting married in 26 days, and I have gained nearly half the weight that I lost back?  W.T.F.?

As my dad so helpfully reminded me, I possess genes that, when stressed, rather than not eat, instead cause much overeating.  And not overeating of carrots and celery.

Bread, bread, ice cream, bread, carbs, some more carbs, jam, ice cream, and did I mention bread?

Ok.  New day.  Here I go.