12 April 2012

Pinky toe...

In the door.  On Monday, I start a long-term substitute teaching position at a high school about 29.1 miles away (about a 45 minute drive).  It will be for freshman English and junior English and I am going to do everything I can to keep my head down, work hard, keep my mouth shut, and get a good letter of recommendation.  It is for the rest of the school year, and I am holding back my excitement at actually being in the classroom again.  Mainly because the teachers in the district have voted to strike if contract issues aren't resolved, and then I am totally screwed.  Even though I am not part of the union, if I cross the picket line to work, I will be considered a scab and will never work in the area again.  Never mind that I won't be able to get unemployment and I have no money.  I really hate unions right now.  I wish just once, unions would help me rather than screw me over.  I know that they have done amazing things, and that they are needed, I just have had too many bad experiences to be excited and supportive right now.  So it looks like I will get to work about a week, and then there is the potential that they go on strike.  Awesome.  


  1. I hope for everyone's sake, students and teachers, they can work things out and not strike so close to the end of the school year. I would especially feel bad for the seniors, what a memory to keep for the closing of their high school careers.

  2. So happy that you have a job! But I know what you mean about unions. I've had nothing but bad experiences, but 100 years ago it's what kept people alive. Literally. I think the unions have lost sight of what they were created to do. (Sorry... Don't usually get political, but this has been a sore spot in this state lately.)

  3. I feel the same way Amy. I truly think they have lost their value. Sometimes I wish I could be an independent contractor just to be able to work, do my job--teach--and not deal with all the political bs.


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