30 November 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...

The good with the bad.  Right?




And now, with the shift in all point values, recovering will be a challenge.  I'll keep at it.  I can do this.  And--I just found out a good friend started the C25K program!!! Good juju to her!! I am super proud of her!!!

29 November 2010

ARGH!! CHANGE?!?!?!?!?!!

So WW is going through a MAJOR change.  My new point total for the day is 36.  Extras for the week=49!!

The point calculator now takes into account fat, carbs, protein, and fiber.


I am currently freaking out because I am going to actually have to start all over.  ARGH.
Change is good. Change is good. I can do this.

27 November 2010

One of my favorite days...

Again, as I have mentioned numerous times, I LOVE to bake.  LOVE it!!
Holidays are no exception.
Stressful? Yes.
Relaxing? Yes.
Work in progress 1
Yep. Both in one.

Our kitchen is my second favorite place in our house.  I love all the light, the counter space, our appliances and gadgets, and basically, everything about it.  Cooking is awesome in our kitchen.  It also doesn't hurt that we choose to budget for a housekeeper to clean for us every two weeks, so destroying the kitchen isn't as time-consuming as it would be if we didn't have someone a bit more anal retentive about cleaning attending our grander messes.  This way L and I can hang out and relax on weekends for the most part, rather than spending the time cleaning.

 Most holidays I get to make the pies for any gatherings.  Sometimes I get requests for cupcakes or cookies, and sometimes I just like to surprise.  I know that L's mom loves to bake as much as I do (and she is WAY better at it), so it is nice that she relinquishes the task once in a while to me.
Work in progress 2
This year I made two pies.  I really wanted to make about 50, but I was told 2 max or we would have too many desserts (clearly, these people have not gotten the memo that "too many desserts" as a phrase does not exist in this space-time-continuum).  But, I actually listened...they never said anything about "no magic bars."

So I made a pumpkin pie.  And an apple pie.  And magic bars.  I also made a cobble 2 days before, and that was awesome.  L's going to freeze what he can't finish so I can have some when I get back for good. 

Work in progress 3
Here are my baking photos from my brief stint home.  I am pretty pleased with how everything turned out, and even though I ate far too much, and there is a really good chance that I have gained 10 pounds from unnecessary bad eating of excess, I thought this holiday was a tremendous success.

Pumpkin pie and apple pie are in good 'ole Betty Crocker, and the Magic Bars recipe is: HERE.
And seriously, they were AMAZING.  Absolutely delicious.

My old-school Betty Crocker Cookbook.  The cover is missing, and all the pages are yellowed, but hey, it has taught me some really good things, and has been with me since college.  I think my family got it at a garage sale before I was even born. 

Cobbler large view

Cobbler single serving

Pre-oven pie (filled to capacity)
Pie post-oven...still not sure if I cooked it enough, but it tasted awesome! Fresh ground nutmeg totally makes a difference!!!

Pre-lattice (but with many apples taken out--the mound WAS higher!)
Post lattice. I. Hate. Lattice.
Post Oven. 
Magic Bars--step 4 of 6.

Magic Bars out of oven

Seriously delicious.

Even better than it looked was how YUMMY they tasted. 

25 November 2010

Reflections on this wonderful Thanksgiving day...

I went  into this whole lifestyle change for me.  I've been unhappy with how I feel, and unhappy with how I look in the mirror for some time now.  I am my reason and my motivation.  I am not doing it to attract the attention of others, or for anyone outside of myself--a major difference from my previous attempts at changing my lifestyle. 

Do I like the compliments? Heck yes!  But I really like how I feel, and how my clothes fit, and the little things--like not being able to eat so much in one sitting; or realizing what full actually feels like before it is too late; even something little like our regular-sized bath towels at our house fits all the way around me, AND I can walk around in it with no indecent exposure happening. 

These things are motivating for me. 

I have been gone since the end of August, and I haven't seen either set of L's parents since I left.  When L's stepdad saw me he yelled "you're disappearing" and "you look great!" and L's mom said I looked awesome too.  My mom and sister tell me I look fantastic, I love the support I am getting from my friends back in WI and the readers of my blog (thank you!!!),  and L says he liked me just the way I was--but he now calls me skinny (even though I know I still have a ways to go to be deemed "skinny"--just ask the stupid Wii fit weigh-in).  When I was here in OR last, L's stepsister and step-brother in law didn't outwardly note any change in my appearance--and that was totally fine with me.  Again, I am doing this for me. 

Today I saw L's dad and stepmom and brother for the first time since August.  My hair was all curly--I looked GOOD.  But not one word. From anyone. 

Again--not a big deal--I am doing this for me.  Just an interesting study in differing personalities. 

Other things of note...This week has pretty much gone to hell. Which means I will have to work even harder to work off the damage this week.  I did run on Tuesday, and I am going to try to run tomorrow too (if it isn't raining).  Here are some of my eating debacles:
  • I made a homemade fresh peach/fresh blueberry/fresh cherry cobbler.  I've had about 2 servings so far. 
  • Giant plate of pasta with butter (too much) and parm cheese from the jar (aka--not the good kind). (I was really craving mac-n-cheese--and there wasn't any in the house. I thought I could make an adequate replacement--but I used too much butter (never thought I'd EVER say that), and it was too much--but did I throw it out and not eat it all? Nope. I totally ate it, even though I wasn't that hungry, nor did it taste good.  I am pretty disappointed in that choice.)
  • Delicious chinese food (chicken lo mein maybe one cup and 6 crab puffs--ok, THAT was totally out of control--really really not a good decision).  
  • Kix cereal.  Not measured.  (I've been measuring food--especially cereal since I started back up with WW--it is a bad idea to not measure).
Dinner at a South American cuisine restaurant:
  • hummus (black bean) w/pita triangles
  • salad with interesting dressing (claimed "caesar," but there was roasted corn, pickled red onions, and a sweet/savory bite to it--delicious, but not what I would connect with the name it was given on the menu.)
  • Bread--far too much bread--(5 slices? Maybe more) with this amazing butter spread
  • 2 mini-crab cakes
  • shared a chocolate dulce de leche cake with everyone--but I was tricked into ordering it.  But it was damn good. Worth every bite. 
Today's restaurant Thanksgiving:
  • cheese fondue w/bread cubes and pretzel
  • Chicken schnitzel (not breaded) mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, and portabella mushrooms
  • Sourdough roll w/a little butter
  • bite of L's brother's spaetzel
  • 2 bites of L's AWESOME prime rib
  • slice of pumpkin cheesecake 
  • slice of new york cheesecake
  •  real whip cream.  
The last three items were unnecessary and put me over the edge in full.  I wanted to have the strawberry pizza from the restaurant, but L's dad had bought two cheesecakes.  I should have only had one piece too.  And no whip cream.  I am pretty disgusted as I type this at what I ate for dessert, but I will just have to remember this in the future. 
I also made L chocolate chip cookies tonight.  I had one to make sure it was ok, but I am regretting it now. I am still full from dinner.  I didn't even eat any dough--which is unheard of when I bake cookies for L--because I was so full.  I wish I wouldn't have eaten that cookie!

Thanks for reading my Thanksgiving rambling! I hope that you had a magnificent Thanksgiving.  I feel so split down the middle--I am glad I was able to be here in OR for Thanksgiving, but I also miss my mom and dad and sister back in WI.  I think this is how things will continue to be as long as I am on this coast.  It's just something I will have to cope with on a regular basis! 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving dinner at L's mom and stepdad's house.  I am in charge of pies (YAY!!!!!!!), and I am going to make a pumpkin and an apple.  I will try not to overdo it--but homemade is always so much better--Maybe I'll just go on some sort of fast/cleanse when I get back to WI...
The only problem with that is the limited "fast' ingredients of quality in lowly central Wisconsin.  In winter. 
Blargh. I just realized I am going back to snow too.  Yuk. Oh well.  One more month!!

23 November 2010


Since my scale is back in WI, my weigh-in will wait until next week.  I did, however, do my measurements. 

Here are the results:

Arms: -2 inches
Hips: -5 inches
Bust: -7 inches
Waist: -6 inches
Thighs: -2.5 inches

So, if you do the math, this equals:

-22.5 inches

from MY body.

Holy crap. That ROCKS.  YAY ME!!!

21 November 2010

It's official...

Thank you for registering for the Arthritis Foundation's 2010 Jingle Bell Run/Walk - Wausau, WI.

Wausau Center
Saturday, December 11, 2010
8 AM Registration
9 AM 5K Run/Walk

I did it.  I am officially registered for my first 5K run.

Holy crap, I can't believe that I just typed that.

And now, I have to do it. Everyone knows.  Well, at least the 11 people who read this.

Any donations would be much appreciated (click here)--this is a really good cause--one that is very close to my family!!

20 November 2010

Something small...

I used to drink incessant amounts of juice.  Love, love love love juice.  Mainly orange, but sometimes orange/mango or ruby red (until I read Fast Food Nation and found out that bugs were what gives it the pink color.  awesome.), sometimes even cranberry, as long as it had Vitamin C.

I've decreased my juice intake to zero since starting WW.  Before WW, cost was initially the reason, but now it is because I'd rather not drink my points. I'd rather eat an apple or mango or one chip for the points (maybe not the one chip, but you get the idea).  I've missed it.  Especially when I am sick, or think I am going to get sick.  That was my go-to food of choice.

My sister has been horrifically sick.  The people she works with at the hospital have also been sick--the number of call-in-sick has increased dramatically the last few days.  I slept a good chunk of the day today--now that could just be because I am exhausted, but I am not taking any chances.  AND then at the store tonight I saw this:

I just pounded 2 cups for 2 points and I feel better already!!

Well, not really, I feel full and bloated with juice, but it is better than being full of the chocolate covered pretzels that I made today.

Ah, the little things!!

16 November 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...

I made sure it was really early this morning...

I am not totally thrilled about this, but considering the debauchery this past weekend, I am pretty pleased with this total:


-.9 lbs.

Total since WW=  -39.3lbs

This week will be good.
Maybe.  I burnt through my budget on the Saturday night of debauchery, and don't have money for normal rations this week (yogurt, lettuce, etc.).  What is around the house at my sister's isn't totally on plan (like last night when I got home from conferences I ate a plate of tortilla chips with low fat cheese melted over the top with some hummus on the side.  Pathetic.), but I still need to make some lunches prior to the morning of.  It is hard to be motivated though--I am tired and ready to go back home. I also didn't run last night (conferences got me home at 7:10), so I will have to run tonight--which throws off the week.  I won't run tomorrow (this is week 9--30 minutes straight now!), and I can't run Thursday (more conferences), so this week is really wonky.  

And, I am counting down the days until I get leave again for OR--L found "reasonable" airfare for me to get home for Thanksgiving, so I will get to go home in 6 days!  I will get to make pies and bake and YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm excited.

10 November 2010


Not going to lie. I am pretty darn excited.   I got a pair of size 18 Levi's today--and they fit like a glove.  FYI the last pair of jeans I bought were a size 22 Silver and a size 22 Levi's. 


Day by day by day. I can do this!!!

09 November 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...



-38.4 pounds since starting WW!!

I know that running has really been helping.  I also know that even minor slip-ups are ok, as long as I don't go back to ALL.THE.TIME. unhealthyness. 

I also had to decrease my point intake with the new weight--I am down to 30 points a day!!!!

YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06 November 2010

Things I can not have. Or buy. Or look at.

What I've learned about this week:

Do not go to any store when I am craving a snack.  If I do stop at a store, do not buy ANYTHING remotely snacky.  i.e. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark or Nacho Doritos. 
Because, unfortunately, if I do not portion things out immediately, I will eat incessantly.  Even if I'm not hungry. Even if I feel disgusting afterwards.  I ate an entire bag of Doritos that I bought last night between driving 25 minutes and breakfast this morning.  YUK.  Yes, I ran, but I still feel disgusting.  And my stomach hurts.  That also might have something to do with almost eating the full bar of dark chocolate peppermint bark. 

See, I really think that the bag of muddy buddy chex mix that I ate on the plane messed me up.  I have been craving them ever since, and I keep stopping at stores to see if they have muddy buddy chex mix--and they don't, so I buy something else.  And nothing that I eat is the same as the muddy buddy mix.  Yes, I could make some--but that would be even worse!

I have been mildly out of control--ate a home-cooked meal (including homemade apple pie with sugar free icecream), and pizza (thin crust cheese) and cheesey garlic bread (only 1 1/2 pieces)....

I am not beating myself up about my poor choices, merely reflecting and reminding myself about how I feel when I get out of control.  And right now I feel gross.  YUK.

I do feel better after running, but I really need some sort of cleanse or detox from the gross.

04 November 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...

Late...and with a heavy heart after losing my grandpa Monday night. 

I am very surprised by this, but maybe my metabolism is kicking in...I hope so.  The hard work is paying off little by little and it feels AWESOME.



Total since starting WW:

YAY me!