14 May 2013

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Today I had two parents tell me in so many words or less that my expectations were too high, my workload was too much, I am out of touch with students, am making future students leery of future honors courses, should know that students will be unprepared for national standards because it is a Title 1 school, and basically the town I am teaching in isn't a good fit for me.  Oh, and all my students' parents feel this way, but they were the only ones that had the guts to meet with me face-to-face.

With 23 school days left in the year.

I love life.


  1. OMG... What on earth are these precious children going to do when they get out in the real world and they're expected to have actual skills, work experience and are capable of critical thinking? Methinks that first job is going to be a real pisser for them. Oh, wait... Mommy will just go in and tell the boss off. Yeah... that will work.


    1. Thank you Amy!! It helps knowing that some parents actually get it--I wish I could teach your kiddos!!! :)

  2. My 5 year old has homework for Kindergarten. Kim (wife) had a problem with this at first. I think there is NO problem with it and Kaylee is better for doing it at home. Teaches her good homework habits from the start.


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