02 May 2013


It started to hurt after my Week 3 Day 1 go at C25K.  :(  That was Tuesday, so I haven't done anything since then--and I was on a roll.  I might go out tomorrow and test it. I might just have to deal with the pain and keep pushing.

But tonight I just ate some salted carmel balls of awesome:
OH.  MY.  GOD.

I immediately portioned them out (5 points for 11 balls of heaven).  And treat myself when I need something sweet and/or chocolatey.  The cashier man at Trader Joe's said these must be REALLY good because he finds 4-5 bags opened and empty around the store every day.  Oh cashier man, if you only knew the deliciousness.


  1. Yay! Your blog is fixed! I'm so sorry your knee is hurting, but do know that as awesome as you are, I hate you for posting salted caramel awesomeness from a store that is not near my house!

    1. Sorry Amy!!! I forgot about Trader Joe's aversion to central WI!!!! I could mail you some? :) YOU WOULD LOVE THEM.


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