10 May 2013

What I learned today...

If staying at school late, do not stop at the grocery store before you hit the highway and buy a big bag of pirates' booty.  Also, do not take the snickerdoodles that the students didn't eat home in the front seat.

Yes, I did eat the whole bag of pirates' booty (14 points); yes I did eat three snickerdoodles (10 points); yes, I blew 24 points today on absolute crap food.  As I was shoveling and driving I knew I was not hungry after I polished off the booty, but did I stop eating? Nope.  Hunger monster of eating bad food was awoken and wanted satisfaction.

And now I feel gross and wish I would have just went to A&W for the 16 point fried cheese curds and 16 point large root beer instead.


Yay for a new day tomorrow!!!

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