24 April 2012

Irony? Bad Luck? Both.

So.  School was closed for tomorrow.  The principal announced this to the students congregating on the turf after they walked out of class to support the teachers.  If the teachers strike and I don't show up to work, I lose my job.  If I cross the picket line, I lose the respect of professionals I'd have to work with for the remainder of the year.  And any possibility of working in that district ever.

Anyone want to be me?


12 April 2012

Pinky toe...

In the door.  On Monday, I start a long-term substitute teaching position at a high school about 29.1 miles away (about a 45 minute drive).  It will be for freshman English and junior English and I am going to do everything I can to keep my head down, work hard, keep my mouth shut, and get a good letter of recommendation.  It is for the rest of the school year, and I am holding back my excitement at actually being in the classroom again.  Mainly because the teachers in the district have voted to strike if contract issues aren't resolved, and then I am totally screwed.  Even though I am not part of the union, if I cross the picket line to work, I will be considered a scab and will never work in the area again.  Never mind that I won't be able to get unemployment and I have no money.  I really hate unions right now.  I wish just once, unions would help me rather than screw me over.  I know that they have done amazing things, and that they are needed, I just have had too many bad experiences to be excited and supportive right now.  So it looks like I will get to work about a week, and then there is the potential that they go on strike.  Awesome.  

07 April 2012

Today's Project (don't let the picture fool you, there WAS a pietastrophy!)

I am still looking for where I found the recipe, and I'll update when I find it.  It is a nummy lemon meringue pie (if you were wondering) homemade crust and everything!! I don't think it will be as lemony as I'd like (I usually add more than the recipe calls for, but I only had one full lemon and 1/2 an older lemon to work with, and for a couple of tablespoons extra I didn't want to drive to the store.

04 April 2012


I haven't gone to the gym Monday, yesterday, and I am avoiding it today.
I have been eating like absolute sh!t, and I think that has a huge part to play in why I feel so gross and lethargic.
I am sick of the rain.

I'm mainly sad that I am being so unhealthy and suffering the price, all because of my own choices.