04 April 2012


I haven't gone to the gym Monday, yesterday, and I am avoiding it today.
I have been eating like absolute sh!t, and I think that has a huge part to play in why I feel so gross and lethargic.
I am sick of the rain.

I'm mainly sad that I am being so unhealthy and suffering the price, all because of my own choices.


  1. You are so not alone. I had swiss cake rolls for breakfast and I've ended the day with late-harvest reisling, dark chocolate and marzipan. I ran for 15 minutes... well, I ran for 7 minutes and walked for 7 minutes. Ugh.

  2. There is beauty in the fact that there is always tomorrow. I dippd into the fun sized snickers a few too many times Wednesday-it was a really, really bad day. I knew I shouldn't raid the candy bowl we keep for the customers, but I thought it would make me feel "better". It didn't....it never does....but I did it anyway.


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