09 June 2011

Homemade Yumm! bowl!

I super-love Cafe Yumm! I am in love with the Yumm-Baby bowl.
So, today I bought a giant jug of Yumm! sauce, and made my own bowl.  Or, plate.  That I used a fork with because I was too hungry to mess with chopsticks.
Jasmine rice, corn, black beans, tomato, cilantro, avocado, Yumm! sauce, and Greek yogurt
It was AMAZING!!!!

I love how filling and fresh this is.  And, if I were to calculate the points (which I will do at some point), I don't think this is too bad of a meal.
I wish I could adequately describe Yumm! sauce, but just trust me, it is awesome, can be eaten on anything, and it hard to replicate (my ex-colleague who basically drinks the stuff she loves it so much tried to make it herself several times and failed).


03 June 2011

No shame...

I just licked the bowl to get every drop of ranch dressing possible.

I did measure the serving (2 TBSP) first!  I wanted to be sure to get my FULL 4 POINTS+ worth!!!  (holy crap.)

I also ate it with carrots and cucumber (not plain) to get a veggie serving in.

In other news, don't buy a mini-bag of Skittles to cope with helplessness and then put the info in the points calculator when you are in the car ready to tear the thing open and pour them in your mouth. 



I didn't eat it though.  The bag is still sitting in my purse.  Taunting me.

Small victories. 

There are three loaves of oatmeal bread baking in the oven right now.

And you can bet your ass I am having a slice with butter when they are done. 

02 June 2011

Lost steam, any thoughts other than my own?

Not sure when it happened, probably in between the cupcakes and bread, and more bread, and then the chips and oreos...but no matter when it happened, it did.  I have no motivation to track what I am eating and hold myself accountable for what I eat during the day. 

I am envious of the people who don't need to account for every single morsel that goes into their bodies, and I am irritated with my own self that I have gotten to this point where I HAVE to be accountable for every morsel or I gain weight.  I am back up.  225.5.  And I know how hard I was working, and how I am not working that hard anymore, and I know what has to right itself.  I just don't know how to start in order to get back to feeling successful again.  

The weather isn't helping, and being unemployed isn't helping.  I haven't been reading blogs as much because it is frustrating to see what I am not doing and could be doing and feeling. 

I know I will find a way out of the funk. It's taking a toll, and maybe I am keeping good things away from myself because of the negative/sad/down energy that surrounds me. 

I miss having a job. I miss being useful. I miss our housekeeper. I miss city life.


I am going to get out of this.  Really.