03 August 2012

Once Upon A Time

There was a girl who loved teaching.

Two years went by where she was denied her passion.  

And then she got her dream job, dream classes, dream students, dream colleague who is was her friend. 

But this dream job was five states away from her husband of nine months, over 1,800 miles away.

She dove in planning and preparing for the school year, nervous and excited for what was to come.  

But then this girl got a random call for an interview--for a job an hour away from her home with her husband. In the same state.  

And she went to the interview thinking nothing of it, but did her best as she always does.  

And the school didn't wait the 48-72 hours they said they needed to before they called her.  They called her the following evening to offer her the job--they wanted her for their school.

And then life got stressful for the girl. She weighed the pros and cons of each job, and agonized for a week about what to do.  She really wanted the dream job that was far away--she wanted to be a part of an academically challenging school, and wanted a chance to really push herself intellectually.  But she wanted to be with her husband and establish herself as a teacher in the same area that her husband lived.  

And so the girl had to decide and she made her choice.  And she will be staying in her state with her newly-started family, and she will be able to establish herself in her area.  

But she had to let people down, and disappoint people she loves.  And she feels horrible about it.  More devastated than she ever imagined.   Her intent was never to hurt or let down anyone.  She only wanted to teach.  She was willing to move across the country away from her husband to accomplish what she wanted, but never thought anything like this would happen.  

It is hard for the girl to be excited when she feels so guilty and crappy for letting people down.  In time, it will be ok.  Right now she will mourn and eventually she will find peace with her decision.