02 March 2011

Review #1: Protein Powder of Magic.

Mondays and Wednesdays I have practice from 6-8:30.  I get home after 9, and eating that late is just not good for me.  I thought that for my first review I could try to make myself a shake with the Vanilla Bean Protein Powder that I got from my box of goodies from Swanson Health Products before I went to practice (I could drink it on the 30 minute drive).

I won't lie, I am not a meat-head, but I have been bragging to L about my developing GUN SHOW (which he makes fun of).  But I never thought I would ever drink protein powder. 

I am a convert. 

1 scoop. (I had to dig for the scoop the first time, hence the powdery fingers!
I got the blender out, opened the container of mix (which smells AWESOME--vanilla-y and creamy if creamy could be a smell--by the way), I mixed my full scoop of powder with a full bag of frozen smoothie fruit (strawberries, mango, and pineapple), and about 1/4 C of water and a Trader Joe's 0% Greek Honey yogurt.

It was really thick.  And it made a LARGE amount of shake.  And it was thick.  

Yum. First time trying this too.  YUM.
The combination of vanilla bean, honey yogurt, and fruit was AWESOME.  It also made over 32 ounces.  I drank most of it before practice (from about 5:15-5:50), but had about 8 ounces left in the car for me to drink after practice was over (got in the car at 8:40). 

I wasn't hungry AT ALL during practice, and while I'd like to have a warm meal in my tummy as I type this, I think my need to eat comes mentally (habits/comfort) rather than actual hunger.  
Thick, blender-y goodness.

I can't wait to try making other flavors of shakes with this powder--I am going to do milk, ice, and powder for next week's practice.  I am PUMPED!!!

Maybe my GUN SHOW will develop exponentially now that I am protein-ing it up!!!  :)

A girl can dream right?
One of TWO containers I needed to contain the giant amount I made.

**Note**I got products for free--I am not being paid in any way for what I say about these products. I am being honest, and seriously, have no reason to lie!


  1. Wow I LOVE Greek yogurt and that protien powder sounds SO good.

  2. Yummy deliciousness. Here is my smoothie recipe: http://shiningmylantern.blogspot.com/2010_01_04_archive.html
    You might want to improvise with this one a bit too! I used to add protein powder when I was working out alot and I liked it too.


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