18 March 2011

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it NOW.

Being unemployed sucks on all levels.  Especially when I want to get this to help me in my quest.  I've read the reviews, I am fighting my fear of HRM and my larger girth, and I want it!!!  Blargh. 

Polar doesn't offer a variety of colors, but this one totally caught my eye.

The reviews say that this watch is easy to set up, the strap fits around all sizes (big and little), and it is a "life-changer."

I am nervous though because the little pod to connect it to the computer is extra, as well as any GPS functions.  I have my iPhone, so the GPS is a non-point, but since I am at the computer all the time, I'd want to have it be able to easily sync up.  But since I am too poor to even get the watch, the connector pod thingy is out of the question.

I can dream.  And save the non-existent extra money I have.  Maybe Christmas.  Maybe I will combine all of my rewards for my goals and when I hit my target weight, then I can get this.

The only problem being, this watch and its features would actually help me GET TO MY GOAL WEIGHT.


And then I read Lori's blog about her new shoes.  And I fell in love.  And thought maybe magic shoes would make running more palatable for me.   And they aren't as expensive as I thought--clearly any purchase at all is expensive for me at this point, but still--these are WAY more reasonable than I originally anticipated!

I've lost my motivation for running--I think the rain is a clear villian in addition to my hatred for it--but I *think* nicer weather will be headed PDX's way soon, which will *hopefully* help in my motivation for running outside (I hope)--I am actually missing it.  I went back to C25K W6D1 with my own modifications the last nice non-raining day here (A WEEK AGO), and it felt good--I really think I am more about alternating walking/running--which I need to just accept and use it to my advantage. 

Either way, if I had a spare $300 in my world, these two items would be on a delivery truck headed for my house in 7-10 days. 


  1. Hey lady, when you get around to purchasing an HRM, check out Garmin! I have a 405cx and it came with the watch, chest strap, and has GPS built in. It also has a flash drive and software to sync with the computer. Ater the initial installation, as long as the flash drive is plugged in, it will automatically sync when I put the watch near the computer. Pretty cool! (And I think you can find them for around $200. My husband got mine at Costco.)

    Hang in there! I wish you the best of luck for the future.


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