11 March 2011

Dear Entire Bag of Macaroni and Cheese Potato Chips,

Au Revoir my ex-friend.
We are NOT friends anymore. 

You hurt my guts. 

I know that I am partially responsible for this severance.
I ate you in two sittings. 8 servings. 2 sittings.
One of the sittings occurred on the way back from Target.

In the car. 

You see, I was seduced by your salty, cheesey, crispy, goodness. 
Now, I must completely avoid the entire SECTION that you and your cousins occupy in the grocery store (or Target or Fred Meyer).  The fat, and gross, and icky feelings that follow your consumption are not worth the intital heavenly salty crunch that comes with the first bite. 

I guess I thought eating A GINORMOUS amount of brocolli would compensate for finishing you off this afternoon. 


I REALLY wanted brocolli for lunch.
Hey--At least there is calcium in these!
I am impressed that the first ingredient is actually potatoes!
And now my guts hurt, I feel disgusting, and I have to workout today.  So much for taking a day off.  Thanks ex-friend.  I know you remind me of slumber parties and weekend afternoons with my dad in front of the tv.  I know that you are reminiscent of BBQs and high school, family gatherings and gramma and grandpa's house. 

But, I need to stay away.  Dude--have you SEEN your list of ingredients, your calories or your fat content???? Never mind that ONE serving of you is 4 pts+!!!!!!!!  Did I mention that I ate ALL OF YOU IN ONE SITTING???  8 SERVINGS. 

Yup. This is over.  Sorry to break it to you online, but it had to be done. 


  1. LOL! Don't worry --it happens to everyone. :-) Tomorrow is another day.

  2. Been there. Done that. It's small comfort, I know, but I've felt your pain. Tomorrow will go better.

  3. The gut always reminds us when we've done wrong! Mine was not happy with me this morning-darn Girl Scout cookies!


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