02 March 2011

It was like Christmas!!!

I am not a wealthy person.  Right now, L and I, while not totally destitute (as L would say), we are not in the best financial situation.  My unemployment is the main problem, and it weighs heavily on me on a daily basis.
I am not good at finding bargains--my sister can easily find $2 shirts at Target, but I don't have the same senses that people who find sales do.

Therefore, free stuff is one of the greatest things on the planet right now.  Especially free GOOD stuff.  I saw a blog where the author was reviewing a Swanson product, and followed the link she included.  I contacted Swanson (who are amazingly prompt and kind in their responses), and got an email detailing all the goodies I was going to get to try and then review.  I nearly fell over I was so excited!!!

Last night, I was talking to L about this, and who should ring the doorbell? Yep! UPS!!!! And I have my awesome goodies to start to try!!!

I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to do this!!

Here is what was in my box:
Tom’s of Maine toothpaste
Alfalfa Leaf
B Complex 100
Syntol AMD
Soyjoy Fruit Bars
Natural Calm Plus Calcium
Vanilla Bean Protein Powder

All these awesome products and MANY more can be found here:
Swanson Health Products
Check them out!!!

**Note**I got these for free--I am not being paid in any way for what I say about these products. I am being honest, and seriously, have no reason to lie!
I am not sure what I will start with, but believe me, I am SUPER excited to try these products!!!

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