01 March 2011

March's Goals

Goals from February!
I can't believe two months of '11 are complete already.  Getting older is by far my least favorite thing. Time seems to pass super fast, and in my world today, there are a good amount of stressors that I am allowing to get in the way of enjoying moments.  That might be a goal for next month, I think I have enough on my plate as it is for March.  Some of my goals are the same, some have just been slightly upped, but I am trying out "slow and steady win the race" in order to not burn myself out.  I like that my goals fit on one side of a notecard that I can easily record when I meet each goal. 

March's Goals:

-Call home 1x week. 
-Watch at least 2 movies with L. 
-Try risotto (making and eating).

-Read 3 books.
-Do not miss practice unless absolutely VITAL.  

This comes because I don't want to give in to pouty mental state which sometimes happens when I feel sorry for myself.  The only excuse that is acceptable for missing practice is illness or emergency.  Feeling down does not constitute for illness either. 

-Yoga at least 5 times this month.
This will require an additional session outside of class if I go that route.  
-Body Pump 1X a week. (=5X)

-Hang out at least two times with someone outside of L.

WW/Eating/Weight Loss
-Be On Plan (OP) at least ONE week.  (Track everything I eat/drink; do not go over points. Do not dip in to weekly extras--earn enough activity points that I won't need to).

Planning for March!
I know that I need to push myself more, so that is where this final goal comes from.  I notice more and more that I allow too much of my work to be overshadowed by terrible choices on the weekends.  If I start small with the one week OP goal, I can build on that.  I really need to stop overindulging and overeating on the weekends.


  1. How do you like Body Pump? I've been wanting to try it but I'm worried it's hard to keep up with the class.

    The exercises will change at the beginning of April, but they only change 1xquarter--so the routine becomes really routine if you go each week--plus you see results and increase in strength--I started with squatting 20lbs, and now I am up to 50!
    It takes some coordination, but if you have a good instructor, ask questions. Get to class EARLY. Today, I showed up only 30 minutes early (I usually go an hour early) and didn't get my spot in the back--you have to sign up and get a number card because it is such a popular class they have to limit numbers.
    I love it though. I feel like I have had a three hour workout in just an hour, but I REALLY push myself. You should try it at least once!!

  3. I love BP too but once I increased the weights a bit my wrists really started hurting. I miss it though.


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