28 February 2011

Monthly Goals Recap

Here was my original post....but the important stuff is recapped here!

-Call home 1x week. 
I know that this will appear ridonkulous--keeping track of the dates I called home--but it is important that I keep myself accountable, and this is how I am doing it!! I didn't even count my birthday phone calls! Yay me! And, I enjoy my calls more.  YAY attitude change!!!
(2/4; 2/12; 2/19; 2/26)

-Watch at least 1 movie with L.
Date Night 2/5 Cute. Non-thinking.  On the couch and chillax.

-Try lentils.
See here!

-Read 3 books.
Germinal Emile Zola : really enjoyed this book. Combination of hearing the text, good writing, and a story that I could understand and appreciate (striking laborers, poor vs. middle class vs. upper class, etc.).
The Great House Nicole Krauss: Book Club book--it was the least talked about book ever.  I hated it. I finished it at 10PM the night before book club.  YUK.
Sphinx's Queen Esther Friesner:  I enjoyed this book and finished it rather quickly.  I have loved Friesner's book 1s of a series, but haven't loved her follow-ups as much.  This follow up was well-written and very successful. 
**I even finished The Death of Ivan Ilych (Tolstoy)!!

-Do one of my yoga tapes at least 1X a week.
Didn't do my tapes, rather, I went to yoga classes at the gym on Fridays immediately following the WillPower and Grace class I go to.  (2/4; 2/11; 2/18; 2/25)

-Go to Body Pump at least 1X a week. 2/1; (2/6); 2/8; 2/15; 2/22--Every Tuesday in February + an additional class on a Sunday--YAY ME!

-Hang out at least two times with someone outside of L.
2/19 Book Club (amazing)
I know that I need to make more of an effort here though.  Really. 

Overall, I was successful in meeting my goals--the social realm of my existence needs some work, but I am very proud of myself for all that I accomplished in February!!

March goals are up next!

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