01 February 2011

Chicken & Biscuits Casserole

Thanks to Emily for this little gem, who got the idea from Stephanie, so this is a joint effort of awesomeness!

I was craving comfort food and this recipe sounded awesome!

Everything mixed together minus the biscuits.
1 can Campbell’s 98% Fat Free Cream of Chicken Soup (I used Heart-Healthy because the store was out of the other kind.)
3/4 cup fat free sour cream, divided
2 cups cooked chopped chicken (I had frozen chicken breasts that I defrosted and put in a pan with 1/2 an onion and 3 cloves of garlic and 2 tsp. of olive oil which impacted the point value)
Pre-oven, post biscuit-adding.
1 pkg (16oz.) frozen mixed vegetables (I used one bag of Italian-style vegetables (I hate peas so I didn't want normal mixed veggies, and 1/2 a bag of frozen corn which also impacted the points)
Out of the oven!
1 cup reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese (I used the 2% reduced-fat mexican blend of cheese)
1 cup Bisquick Heart Smart baking mix
3 T skim milk

1.    Preheat oven to 375.
2.    Combine the can of soup and 1/2 cup sour cream in 8” square baking dish (I used a longer, more shallow dish--not sure if I liked it). Add chopped chicken, vegetables, and cheese and mix until well combined.
3.    Mix Bisquick, remaining 1/4 cup sour cream and milk in a medium bowl and stir until dough becomes stiff.
4.    Drop 6 even mounds of biscuit dough over top of the chicken mixture. Bake on the bottom rack for 35 minutes or until biscuits are golden brown.

**Notes: I would mix all the ingredients in a bowl first before putting it in the baking dish--it was super awkward to stir and manipulate without a huge mess.  The Bisquick also becomes SUPER sticky, so use a solid, hard-core spatula for scraping purposes.
6 servings = 8pts. per serving from my adjustments.

My lunch of YUM!
This was filling, the portions are HUGE, and I am super pumped by how the italian veggies turned out in it.  It is creamy, hearty, and YUMMY!! YAY!


  1. This looks awesome - I am going to make it next week I think. One question, cuz I am not a very experienced cook, how do you cook the chicken breasts in the pan? like just sautee them? for how long? how will I know they're done? I have a HUGE fear of undercooked chicken!

  2. I sauteed them in a pan and covered them (I didn't want to undercook too much, but I also knew they'd be in the oven for 35 minutes). If you are really worried, you could mix up some canned chicken breast with some garlic powder and other seasoning to avoid undercooking alltogether! I am not 100% about how long I cooked the chicken, but they were white, and not pink at all all the way through when I cut them up. Maybe 9 minutes each side? Mine were still moist and not dry, so it could have been less too. Some of the websites I've seen say anywhere between 7 and 10 minutes a side.
    Internally (if you have a meat thermometer which would be the most accurate method), the chicken should be about 170 degrees.
    Hope this helps--this was seriously easy and super good. If I wasn't so poor, I probably would have just gotten the canned chicken breast, but the flavor of this was really good, so I am glad I did it this way!

  3. Thank you!! I am going to make this for sure next week :-)


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