30 January 2011

Chocolate Eclairs

My book club met last night, and we decided to do pot-luck 2011 book clubs, and I provided a healthy dish (see quinoa post below) and a not-so-healthy dish.  Chocolate Eclairs. 

My mom used to make chocolate eclairs and it was beyond a treat when she did.  She had a different recipe that I couldn't find, so I used a dessert cookbook that I got as a gift. 

Dough in pastry tube. Holy mess batman. And those are my legs.

In the oven!

Out of the oven. I think I made them too small.

I learned my lesson with the dough debacle. This is how I filled the pastry tube with the filling.

Stuffed with filling.

The final result...
I am so proud of myself for how they turned out, and they were actually not as sweet as my mom's which enabled my guests to consume them all.  Good thing I made such a mess making them and filling them that I was able to taste-test as I went along...though I didn't get to eat a full complete eclair!  That is totally awesome with me though--my favorite part of the evening was when I refilled the dish of eclairs when they got low and hearing from my friends "There's more!? Good!! I can have a second!"

The process was intense. And messy. But SO worth it.  I love cooking for others--especially when I do a good job and people love what I make.  And they LOVED these eclairs! YAY!


  1. Hi! I just found you on the WW site.
    Yes sometimes the more intense the recipe the better it is. THey look SO wonderful.

  2. I'm glad that you found me!! My friends assure me that they were wonderful--I seriously LOVE to try complicated recipes--even though they can be frustrating!


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