04 January 2011

Day two in the books....OP!

I was up at 3 this morning, HUNGRY.  I fell back asleep and when the alarm went off I tried to convince myself to not go the gym.  I went to the gym anyway--I HATE AFTER THE NEW YEAR.  The gym was PACKED and I got to the class 10 minutes early, and there were no spots anywhere near the back so I had to be in the FRONT ROW.  :(
I am getting back into normal eating, and of course I am hungry.  I need to do more research to see why.  Even after my lunch today--which, by the way took me a LONG time to eat--I was hungry after I was done eating.  Something isn't right, so I will need to do some investigating to see how to help with the hunger...I really think it is my insides going back to normal-people sized versus gorge-yourself-eat uncontrollably sized.

Before gym:
14 almonds 2 pts.
1/2 yoplait light yogurt
after gym
rest of yogurt  3 pts.
 Total: 5 pts.

Baby Carrots 0 pt
less than 1/4 c ff sour cream (ranch powder) 1 pt.
Baby arugula
baby spinach
6 homemade croutons 3 pts.
1 humus cup 3 pts.
1 apple 0 pts
poppy seed dressing 4 tsp
Total: 12 pts.

1 egg 2 pts.
2 egg whites 1 pt.
1 bagel thin 3 pts.
1 TBSP cream cheese 1 pt.
1/2 C ff cottage cheese
1/2 C canned chunk pineapple (no sugar added) 2 pts.
Sip of L's red wine 1 pt
1 can dt. ginger ale 0 pt.
Total:  10 pts.

14 almonds 2 points
1 C Trader Joes rice krispies 3 pts.
1/2 C skim milk 1 pt.
1 banana 0 pt
1 C air popped popcorn 1 pt.
Coke zero 0 pt
white cheddar seasoning
3 sprays ICBINB

Day total:  35 pts.  
Healthy Checks
8+ serving water
3 servings dairy
6 servings fruits/veggies
2 healthy oils
exercise (50 minutes 24LIFT)

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  1. Are you eating enough, considering how much you are exercising???


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