23 January 2011

My day of "rest..."

I am on beer # (you don't need to know....but it is more than 2 and less than 6)...just ate domino's pizza (cheese w/ mush & onions).
My football team is freaking me out.
I had a three hour practice yesterday (Go Shockwave!) and am still sore today (though not as much with the beer).
We did:
about 15 40-yard sprints
drills for D-line (me) and D-backs
ladder/hopping drill (did the jumping SUCK!!)
box drill (x2 second round my team lost, so we had to do 5 updowns which SUCK)

and other defensive stuffs.

Whew. My team just won.  I can relax now. They beat one of my most hated teams, and I can breathe now.

Ok.  I'll pay for all the drinking/eating later.  Like tomorrow for weigh-in.

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