06 January 2011

Day three...

4 pts. over, so it pulled from my weekly allowance. I didn't eat anything unhealthy, so I guess I'll live.
1 mango 0 pt.
1 pear 0 pt.
Total: 0 pts.

Lunch of amazing awesomeness!!!!
Lunch (BEST.LUNCH.EVER! Thanks Beth for the awesome idea!)
1 yam 5 pts.
1 tsp. olive oil 1 pt.
1/2 C black beans 2 pts.
mushroom and onions sauteed 0 pt.
Total:  8 pts.

2 egg whites 1 pt.
1 egg 2 pts.
1 slice beer bread 4 pts.
1 slice mozzerella cheese 2 pts.
28 almonds (1 serving) 5 pts.
Snack of filling and healthy. Maybe not the crackers though...
Total:  14 pts.

Mid-day Snack:
31 baked gorgonzola Trader Joe's crackers (1 serving) 4 pts.
baby carrots 0 pt.
1 hummus cup 3 pts.
yoplait light blueberry 3 pts.
1 slice mozzerella cheese 2 pts..
12 pts.

Evening Snack (I got back late after my first "practice" and I was hungry)
1.5 oz pork cooked in black bean sauce & mushrooms 2 pts.
1 C Trader Joes Rice Krispies 3 pts.
1/2 C skim milk 1 pt.
1 banana 0 pt.
Total: 6 pts.

Total for the day: 40
Still have 45 weekly remaining, but L's aunt is coming to town and we are going out to dinner on Saturday so I am trying to save a good amount for then. 
Healthy checks:
not enough water :(  Only 5 servings
3 dairy
6 fruits/veggies
2 healthy oil
No exercise.  I am worried about burning out, so I took the day off.  I was sore from 24 lift on Tuesday, and still sore from the long run on Monday. 

I need to start sucking it up if I am going to get playing time for the Portland Shockwave like I plan!!! Classroom sessions started last night (and my brain hurts from all the Xs and Os!), and we are outside starting this Saturday.  The beginning of the season will be mainly conditioning (which I HATE), but I am no quitter.  I want to kick ass.  This is their 10th season, and last year they were 1st in the ENTIRE NATION in defense, but missed the playoffs because they didn't score enough points.  I am so excited to be a part of a team again, you have no idea!!!

I'd still rather have a job though!! :)

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