03 January 2011

Day one in the books....OP!

Don't expect this every day this week, because putting it into the dang WW tracker is a pain in my butt as it is!

Today I am 4 points under, which I will need to remedy tomorrow.

1 yoplait light (strawberry shortcake) 3 pts.
Coke Zero
Total: 3 points

1/4 Avocado 3 pts.
baby carrots 0 pt
1 hummus cup 3pts.
1 skinny slice of beer bread (homemade) 4 pts.
Total: 10 points

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese 1 pt.
14 salted almonds 2 pts.
1/2 cup pineapple chunks 2 pts.
Total: 5 points

Salad of awesome
1 pear 0 pts.
1 apple  0 pts.
1 cup romaine 0 pts.
1 cup baby spinach  0 pts.
1/4 cup dried pomegrante/cranberries  2 pts.
4 teaspoons of my poppy seed vinagrette 3 pts.
1 egg 2 pts.
2 egg whites 1 pt.
1 bagel thin 3 pts.
Total:  14 points

I jogged for 50 minutes today and that was 13 points.

Healthy Checks:
8 servings water
2 servings dairy
2 healthy oil (I counted the 4 teaspoons of dressing as 2 oils, that should be ok right?)


  1. Where can I find the skinny beer bread recipe?

  2. It is just regular beer bread cut in a very THIN slice!!!!!! :) I love you!


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