01 January 2011

Last Gorging/Hurrah of 2010

And by "hurrah" I mean, really unhealthy, gorge myself, eat non-stop event. 

The menu tonight:
Artichoke Dip
Baked Fontina
Dipping bread and crackers

Savory Brie (Brie and sauteed garlic, mushrooms, & onions)  in Puff Pastry
Insides of the savory Brie

Sweet Brie (Brie and Apricot Simply Fruit) in Puff Pastry (not sealed that well)

Probably too much, but I am in the mood to really send off 2010.  L's contribution?  "Good thing we're not lactose intollerant."

I will have to say, even though it was good, it wasn't satisfying in the way food used to be.  I am actually pretty shocked as to how unsatisfying it was, and how much I've changed in the past few months.  Granted, I still have A GREAT AMOUNT of work to do, but food may not be my great arch enemy as in the past.  Looking forward to Monday--cleansing the system and back to a more rigorous and healthy routine. 

(**not pictured:  Prosciutto and other meats for L, Rice Krispie Treats, and L's several Old Fashioned? -s? that he made himself, complete with orange and maraschino cherry garnish.)

Happy New Year everyone!!

Insides of the sweet Brie


  1. Oh my!! amazing deliciousness. I can't believe it. I love how your blog captures all of your experiences--not just the moments when you're doing everything just right!! This makes it really authentic, in my opinion.

  2. Thanks my friend! I really appreciate you!!!! AND MISS YOU!!!


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