06 January 2011

Grouchy and HUNGRY

It is 9:15 PM and I am still hungry.
I am 5 points over for the day.
Because I have no job, I have very little else to think about other than food, eating, and not eating but wishing I was eating.
Something has to change.

2 eggs 4 pts. (I ran out of eggs so I couldn't make my usual 1 egg, 2 egg whites)
Slice mozzarella cheese 2 pts.
1 pear 0 pt.
beer bread 4 pts.
Coke zero 0 pt.
Total: 10 pts.

Same as yesterday.
Total: 7 pts.

1 hummus cup 3 pts.
spread on 1 sand thin 3 pt.
topped with 1 tomato 0 pt.
giant salad baby spinach & romaine 0 pt.
apple 0 pt.
7 homemade croutons 3 pts.
poppy seed vinagrette 3 pts.
Total: 13 pts.

Mid-day snack
1 orange 0 pt.
14 almonds 2 pts.
1 100 calorie pack sweet & Salty mix 3 pts.
1 100 calorie pack oreo cakesters 3 pts.
Total: 8 pts.

Evening snack (right after dinner because I was still hungry):
1 yoplait light cherry yogurt 3 pts.
2 squares from a moonstruck dark chocolate bar 1 pt.
Total: 4 pts.

Healthy Checks:
all 8+ water
2 dairy
7 fruits/veggies
3 healthy oil
This afternoon I jogged for 29 minutes (jogging for about 23 of those 29 minutes for a total of 2.12 miles) and then went to the gym and took the PowerSculpt weightlifting class (50 minutes)
Right now I have 49 of my weekly allowance and 31 of my activity points that I have earned left.  I have earned 40 total activity points for the week, and with this new system, I set it to take points from my activity points first, and then my weekly allowance.
Honestly, I am eating SUPER healthy.  This is the healthiest I've eaten in a LONG time.  Today's chocolate and 2 100 calorie packs were the "worst" things I put in my body this week.  I have been eating a hefty amount of fruits and veggies, and though I really want to go buy like 12 loaves of bread and eat them all (don't even get me started on the pasta/cheese/garlic bread with MOUNDS OF BUTTER AND CHEESE) that L ate tonight), I haven't caved. Yet.  I am worried it will happen though. I am THAT hungry.  Argh.


  1. Props to you for all the healthy eating and the running. I finally had to splurge and get whole-grain English muffins because, sweet Lord, I needed carbs or I would kill somone. I'm very much in awe of your willpower. You rock!

  2. You know, I think you're spot on when you are tying this into your job frustration. While there is no quick fix for that-I wish I could conjure you up a job right now!-is there something you can do that will fill your time and your need to teach? Can you volunteer at an afterschool program helping kids with homework, teaching reading, etc? What about advertising as a private tutor? Something that fills your need to teach, because let's face it no one would be a teacher if they didn't NEED it, might help soothe the hunger pains. In the meantime, you're doing great! You're eating well and working out and making tons of progress. You can do this!


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