23 February 2012


I spent Body Pump today finding new ways to avoid looking at someone's ass that was hanging out of her pants.  
It wasn't much of an ass at all, so I am thankful for that because if she had an ass, I would have seen crack and not flesh, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  

I am OCD when it comes to classes at the gym.  I really have this thing where I HAVE to be in the back of the room--preferably in the corner away from the door/windows.  I get super anxious if I am not the first one in the room before anyone else, so much so that on Mondays and Wednesdays I go to the 9:30 Zumba class before Body Pump (10:30) at ~8:55 to get my "spot."  

I know.  

Thursdays there is a Silver Sneakers class before Body Pump (this is another post in itself, but seriously, the elderly participants make my heart melt), and I sit in front of the door on the floor reading until that class is done.  I get my spot, set up my stuff, and three people set up in front of me.  The woman directly in front of me is shorter, so the tall skinny woman in front of her were hard to miss.  

And I wish I would have missed it.  The pants debacle is now permanently seared in my mind.  

About halfway through the squat track (the second track of the workout--only about 6 minutes into class) I noticed a fleshy spot on tall skinny woman's ass area.  I didn't think much of it, hell, I live in Portland.  Have you seen any episodes of Portlandia?  People here are EFFING WEIRD.  But the fleshy area kept drawing my gaze.   

I thought to myself during dead lifts as my eye kept seeing the BRIGHT FLESHY SPOT WHERE AN ASS CRACK SHOULD HAVE BEEN:  what if it was me with a gaping hole in the ass of my workout pants, and there were MANY people behind me who could totally see my ass-area and I was bending and thrusting during dead lifts and clean and presses?  I'd sure as hell want to be told about my enormous faux-pa.  And people, my ass is enormous.  Hence why I don't wear anything that could potentially expose flesh in the ass area.  
But then I thought, maybe she's got faux flesh-colored fabric on her ass of her pants--like the stuff ice skaters have on their leotards to not have a boob fly free during a jump spin, or whatever purpose it serves.  

I wrestled with this argument in my brain for the entirety of class.  Ultimately, I spent the rest of class attempting to divert my eyes from the backside of tall skinny woman.  Dear god though, I had to just close my eyes during dynamic lunges.  

And then, after cool down and tall skinny woman was putting away her equipment, I noticed that her ass was all black--she had zipped her ass back in her pants! HOORAY!!!  Luckily, major trauma was averted because tall skinny woman had no ass to speak of, and no crack was exposed that I am aware of.  So I count my blessings. 
*Please note, tall, skinny woman's pants weren't pink, nor was there a tie back (it was a zipper), BUT if you use your imagination, and envision the flesh-colored hole about two-three inches lower, and black pants and no tie, that is what I got to see (actually, had to avoid seeing) for the duration of Body Pump.  
It impacted me so much that I immediately had to DRAW A PICTURE when I got in my car after class.  I am not artistic.  But I wanted to remember to blog about the incident.
I am FAR from artistic. Please note, she really was that skinny.  And note that I was also trying to draw her see-through shirt over her black sports bra, which seems to be all the rage right now.  P.S. I suck at drawing. 

Other stuff beyond ass viewage.  I just thought I wasn't a "good" sleeper, and that whatever was "wrong" with me was something I'd have to deal with.  So what if I woke up at 2AM and couldn't fall back asleep until 4, but then I'd sleep until 7 or 8.  This morning was no different, except I did this three times (sleep, wake up for an hour or so, repeat).  And a friend posted (randomly) on facebook this story, and now I feel much better.  Or, more "normal" and less like there is something wrong with me, because it doesn't really seem like there is.  

Also, I got on the scale, and I REALLY did NOT like the number I saw so I ate some gummy bears.  And a 1/2 loaf of homemade banana bread.  Because I needed my fruit serving for the day.  

Or so I tell myself.

20 February 2012

I got an awesome message today on facebook from someone who I have known since high school.  I didn't even know that she read my blog, and her words were really helpful for me.

I have to keep in mind that I am not the only one with issues, and eating and living healthily is a challenge for many.  And, I am less alone than I thought.  Which is pretty cool.

And as I was typing my response back, I realized how I sabotage myself every day because I still don't think I am ready (clearly evident by my actions, not what I want/feel) for a different way of living/eating.  This morning I was making excuses for why I didn't want to go to the gym, but made myelf go dance my ass off at Zumba and then lift for BodyPump.  I burned 912 calories before noon today.

And then I came home to make my husband rice krispie treats and chocolate chip cookies for his birthday today.

And then I nearly ate a whole jar of salsa, with some cheesey dip and consumed far too many tortilla chips.

And, I wasn't hungry, and I gorged myself.  Yuk.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I can do better.  I will, I know I will.  

In other news, I swam on Sunday (70 laps!!) using the alphabet suggestion, and it was VERY effective.  Though, what us big girls/guys need to realize, at least for me, most of my vernacular was food related.  It didn't help that I hadn't eaten breakfast before swimming either.
I'd start off good, C: cold, caterpillar, cannon, and then I'd make the mistake of thinking about food: cheese, which then led me to pizza--wait that isn't a C, ok but pizza is so good and it has cheese on it so that works, and it could have cheddar on it so that goes with the C thing... And then I was done with that lap and have said about four things that went with C.  I would breathe a bit at the end of the pool, and then some awesome words would come to me before I started swimming cucumber, cantaloupe, Chudley Cannons, chalupa, courageous, but I couldn't use the words that I thought when I wasn't swimming, I needed different words.  To come back, I thought I would try to think as many Cs from Harry Potter that I could, and then the voices in my head discussed how few Cs there were and I was done with my lap back before I thought of any really good Cs, and I had to move to Ds.  Which went the same way as Cs did.  I did the whole alphabet once through, and then A-I.  Pretty impressed with myself, and I didn't get bored.  Frustrated, hungry, and irritated I don't know more words, but not bored.
Next swim I will have to plan better or read the dictionary (especially for qs, xs, and zs) right before I go.

Also, I am OBSESSED with Downton Abbey.  Absolutely OBSESSED.  I watched five episodes of season 1 on Saturday.  In a row.  I woke up at 4 am on Sunday and couldn't fall back asleep, so I watched episode 5.  I watched the rest of the season yesterday, and now have been watching season 2 online.  I watched three yesterday.  I am waiting for Judge Judy to get done so I can watch some more.  OMGOMGOMG I love the show.  I hate some of the characters so much--it is SO AWESOME!! Super acting, fantastic plot, and awesome time period--I wasn't expecting to love it, or even like it when I started, but DAMN.  It is SO GOOD!!!

And that is my exciting life.  :)

15 February 2012

Read and Proceed Carefully:

If you watch Top Chef: Texas, and haven't seen the episode with PeeWee Herman, STOP READING. RIGHT NOW.  Come back later.  When you are all caught up.


There are spoilers coming, so if you don't want to know what happened, again, STOP READING!!

The chefs I was really hoping would make it to the end and possibly win it were Bev, Grayson, Chris, Nyesha, and Ed.  I really appreciate good chefs--chefs who are competitive and want to be the best and compete against the best.  My favorites, for the most part, were eliminated early.  With the twist this season, Nyesha battled and won against all the chefs that were eliminated--until Bev.  Bev won to get back on the show, and was brought back this week.  So  it was down to Bev, Ed, Lindsay, Sarah, and Paul.  Two of my peeps, and Paul is seriously growing on me, so I count it as three. :)

That being said, when I saw PeeWee and that the chefs had to make pancakes for the quickfire, I was thrilled.  But when Padma announced that the winner would have a choice between a car or a guaranteed spot in the final four, I was irritated.

Of the final five chefs, I knew that there would be one chef, who, if she won, would take the spot rather than compete--she is like that.  Grating and selfish and mean and rude.  At the beginning of the season, I liked Sarah--she is from "my city" Chicago, and she is a strong chef.  Ed and Paul were talking during the challenge, and said that they would take the car because they wanted to win their spot, and it made me love them even more--maybe Lindsay and Bev would have done the same thing as Sarah, but I want to believe that they too would choose to compete rather than take a hand-out.

And Ed and Sarah made PeeWee's favorite pancakes, and I was hopeful.  But Sarah won, and of course, she took the spot in the final four.

Ed, when he was eliminated. 
And then Ed made the fatal decision to buy those damned smoked oysters--CANNED--and sealed his fate.  He was eliminated, and I am super sad.  Ed was kind to Bev when she came back--after she won her way back.  Everyone else was rude and stand-off-ish.  Ed went balls-to-the-wall every.single. challenge.

I super liked him.  So, now I want either Paul or Bev to win, and I'm not very excited about the finale as I was when Ed was competing.

Blargh.  Well, Survivor starts this week, maybe I will like someone this season that makes it far in the game.

Yes, I like reality tv.  Maybe too much.  But watching these DVR'd shows with L is fun!

12 February 2012

First time for everything!

I swam for the first time with my heart rate monitor.  I was nervous about getting it wet, and at one point I thought it wasn't reading things right, but I muddled through and swam:
53 laps.  Only freestyle (one breast, but it bothered my knee). And, I found out that I'd have to swim 66 laps for a mile. I.SUCK.
I wish I didn't get bored so easily--I think I would swim every single day if I didn't get so.freeking.bored.  If there was a way to listen to music when I swam it would help so much!  I lose count too of laps, or I count ahead because I am so bored.

This all came about because this morning I was going to go to the gym with some friends.  My knee had been feeling better, and last week I got Zumba (dance) shoes for my birthday from my MIL and StepFIL, and wore them to two Zumba classes.
I love my shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
 My knee wasn't aching as horribly as normal, and I even did lunges on Thursday during Body Pump.  And then I literally got up on the wrong side of the bed.  Well, I got out of bed wrong this morning.  Put my foot down all wonky to fetch a ball of socks Hobbes pulled out of L's sock drawer, and jacked my knee up.  So, I didn't go to the gym with my friends, but instead went to my gym and swam.  My knee aches still, and I even swam two laps with just arms at the end of my swim to try to ease up on the mini-jabs of discomfort in my knee area, and tomorrow I will have to go super easy during Zumba and Body Pump.  Again.  :(

In other news, I turned 35 on Wednesday, put on a pair of jeans that used to fit, then were too big, and now fit again (and are almost too snug).  Totally. Depressing.

And life is now complete that you have all seen my Zumba shoes.