15 February 2012

Read and Proceed Carefully:

If you watch Top Chef: Texas, and haven't seen the episode with PeeWee Herman, STOP READING. RIGHT NOW.  Come back later.  When you are all caught up.


There are spoilers coming, so if you don't want to know what happened, again, STOP READING!!

The chefs I was really hoping would make it to the end and possibly win it were Bev, Grayson, Chris, Nyesha, and Ed.  I really appreciate good chefs--chefs who are competitive and want to be the best and compete against the best.  My favorites, for the most part, were eliminated early.  With the twist this season, Nyesha battled and won against all the chefs that were eliminated--until Bev.  Bev won to get back on the show, and was brought back this week.  So  it was down to Bev, Ed, Lindsay, Sarah, and Paul.  Two of my peeps, and Paul is seriously growing on me, so I count it as three. :)

That being said, when I saw PeeWee and that the chefs had to make pancakes for the quickfire, I was thrilled.  But when Padma announced that the winner would have a choice between a car or a guaranteed spot in the final four, I was irritated.

Of the final five chefs, I knew that there would be one chef, who, if she won, would take the spot rather than compete--she is like that.  Grating and selfish and mean and rude.  At the beginning of the season, I liked Sarah--she is from "my city" Chicago, and she is a strong chef.  Ed and Paul were talking during the challenge, and said that they would take the car because they wanted to win their spot, and it made me love them even more--maybe Lindsay and Bev would have done the same thing as Sarah, but I want to believe that they too would choose to compete rather than take a hand-out.

And Ed and Sarah made PeeWee's favorite pancakes, and I was hopeful.  But Sarah won, and of course, she took the spot in the final four.

Ed, when he was eliminated. 
And then Ed made the fatal decision to buy those damned smoked oysters--CANNED--and sealed his fate.  He was eliminated, and I am super sad.  Ed was kind to Bev when she came back--after she won her way back.  Everyone else was rude and stand-off-ish.  Ed went balls-to-the-wall every.single. challenge.

I super liked him.  So, now I want either Paul or Bev to win, and I'm not very excited about the finale as I was when Ed was competing.

Blargh.  Well, Survivor starts this week, maybe I will like someone this season that makes it far in the game.

Yes, I like reality tv.  Maybe too much.  But watching these DVR'd shows with L is fun!

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