20 February 2012

I got an awesome message today on facebook from someone who I have known since high school.  I didn't even know that she read my blog, and her words were really helpful for me.

I have to keep in mind that I am not the only one with issues, and eating and living healthily is a challenge for many.  And, I am less alone than I thought.  Which is pretty cool.

And as I was typing my response back, I realized how I sabotage myself every day because I still don't think I am ready (clearly evident by my actions, not what I want/feel) for a different way of living/eating.  This morning I was making excuses for why I didn't want to go to the gym, but made myelf go dance my ass off at Zumba and then lift for BodyPump.  I burned 912 calories before noon today.

And then I came home to make my husband rice krispie treats and chocolate chip cookies for his birthday today.

And then I nearly ate a whole jar of salsa, with some cheesey dip and consumed far too many tortilla chips.

And, I wasn't hungry, and I gorged myself.  Yuk.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I can do better.  I will, I know I will.  

In other news, I swam on Sunday (70 laps!!) using the alphabet suggestion, and it was VERY effective.  Though, what us big girls/guys need to realize, at least for me, most of my vernacular was food related.  It didn't help that I hadn't eaten breakfast before swimming either.
I'd start off good, C: cold, caterpillar, cannon, and then I'd make the mistake of thinking about food: cheese, which then led me to pizza--wait that isn't a C, ok but pizza is so good and it has cheese on it so that works, and it could have cheddar on it so that goes with the C thing... And then I was done with that lap and have said about four things that went with C.  I would breathe a bit at the end of the pool, and then some awesome words would come to me before I started swimming cucumber, cantaloupe, Chudley Cannons, chalupa, courageous, but I couldn't use the words that I thought when I wasn't swimming, I needed different words.  To come back, I thought I would try to think as many Cs from Harry Potter that I could, and then the voices in my head discussed how few Cs there were and I was done with my lap back before I thought of any really good Cs, and I had to move to Ds.  Which went the same way as Cs did.  I did the whole alphabet once through, and then A-I.  Pretty impressed with myself, and I didn't get bored.  Frustrated, hungry, and irritated I don't know more words, but not bored.
Next swim I will have to plan better or read the dictionary (especially for qs, xs, and zs) right before I go.

Also, I am OBSESSED with Downton Abbey.  Absolutely OBSESSED.  I watched five episodes of season 1 on Saturday.  In a row.  I woke up at 4 am on Sunday and couldn't fall back asleep, so I watched episode 5.  I watched the rest of the season yesterday, and now have been watching season 2 online.  I watched three yesterday.  I am waiting for Judge Judy to get done so I can watch some more.  OMGOMGOMG I love the show.  I hate some of the characters so much--it is SO AWESOME!! Super acting, fantastic plot, and awesome time period--I wasn't expecting to love it, or even like it when I started, but DAMN.  It is SO GOOD!!!

And that is my exciting life.  :)


  1. 912 calories before noon? You rock! Motivation is hard for everyone and self-sabotage is so easy. Even though I'm not trying to lose weight, I still want to be healthy and it's so hard sometimes to say no to that cupcake or that hamburger. But you can totally do this. You are smart, strong and gorgeous.

  2. True story: one day, I decided my topic for alphabet swimming would be Reasons Why I Am Doing This Shit. So things like abs, biceps, calorie-burning, etc. I was doing pretty well until I got to i, when the one and only reason I could come up with the entire length of the pool was ice cream. Will swim for ice cream, apparently. I totally cheated for x and let myself have things like "eXtra energy". Thinking of cities/towns/states/countries works pretty well for me. I'm totally stealing that Harry Potter idea! If I ever get myself back to the pool, that is.


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