12 February 2012

First time for everything!

I swam for the first time with my heart rate monitor.  I was nervous about getting it wet, and at one point I thought it wasn't reading things right, but I muddled through and swam:
53 laps.  Only freestyle (one breast, but it bothered my knee). And, I found out that I'd have to swim 66 laps for a mile. I.SUCK.
I wish I didn't get bored so easily--I think I would swim every single day if I didn't get so.freeking.bored.  If there was a way to listen to music when I swam it would help so much!  I lose count too of laps, or I count ahead because I am so bored.

This all came about because this morning I was going to go to the gym with some friends.  My knee had been feeling better, and last week I got Zumba (dance) shoes for my birthday from my MIL and StepFIL, and wore them to two Zumba classes.
I love my shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
 My knee wasn't aching as horribly as normal, and I even did lunges on Thursday during Body Pump.  And then I literally got up on the wrong side of the bed.  Well, I got out of bed wrong this morning.  Put my foot down all wonky to fetch a ball of socks Hobbes pulled out of L's sock drawer, and jacked my knee up.  So, I didn't go to the gym with my friends, but instead went to my gym and swam.  My knee aches still, and I even swam two laps with just arms at the end of my swim to try to ease up on the mini-jabs of discomfort in my knee area, and tomorrow I will have to go super easy during Zumba and Body Pump.  Again.  :(

In other news, I turned 35 on Wednesday, put on a pair of jeans that used to fit, then were too big, and now fit again (and are almost too snug).  Totally. Depressing.

And life is now complete that you have all seen my Zumba shoes.


  1. I find swimming pretty mind-numbing as well and could never keep track of laps. A coworker told me that she keeps track of laps using the alphabet. She picks a topic and the whole first lap, she thinks of things for that topic beginning with A. And so forth. I've found it really helps. Occupies my mind and keeps me from losing count. Not that I can swim anywhere near a mile. Run ten? Sure. Swim one? Nope. Seriously, give yourself credit for getting that close because swimming is a whole different kind of ass-kicking.

  2. That idea is brilliant! I am totally going to do that on Sunday for sure!! Thanks so much!


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