27 July 2010

Random Gym Irritations...

So, I know that I am the heaviest person in this class at my gym--it is a brutal 55+min. constant lifting weights/cardio workout. It isn't easy, and if I hadn't been an athlete or semi-knowledgeable about lifting weights it would be extremely frustrating and I'd probably have given up already.

This is my fourth week. I go to the same class with the same instructor (thank goodness for summer break since there are no evening classes), and the instructor has yet to introduce herself to me personally. Now, I don't totally care--I'd rather disappear in the back corner with my weights and stepper since I am fat and sweaty and weak, but it is insulting that EVERY single class I have been to (6 with this instructor) she has personally gone up to at least ONE person in class and introduced herself.

Today, the normal crazy lady who sets up her "station" as well as the instructor's wasn't there. So with about 4 minutes to the start of class, I thought I could set it up for her so we could start on time, and well, I like to treat people the way I want to be treated so it was just a decent thing to do (since all the other skinny soccer moms/retired people were having social time with each other).

She thanked me, but still never asked me for my name.

Because of my competitive athlete mentality, I go to that class and always try to do my best. I pay attention to my form and do the movements correctly. I try to use the heaviest weight I can, and only stop when I have to. Sometimes I don't know if my form is correct, but she doesn't correct or help me (even if I know I am confused), but I have seen her helping others.

I wanted to sign up for personal training sessions with her because she is just the right combination of supportive and MEAN/PUSHY in class, but I am not sure I can give her my money when she has no interest in my name.

I actually dread going to the gym on a consistent basis because of the crowd of skinny pretty people who gather at the front desk and make me feel stupid for handing them my card to check in and disturbing the pretty people's fun.

And that is my rant for the day. I am going to try to add to my recipe collection on my awesome new program (MacGourmet), gather courage to call about a phone interview, and lay in the sun and read.

265.9 today


  1. You keep going, lady! To be completely supportive, stop worrying about this trainer! You said before that you were athletic and a sports person. Why do you need her approval? Don't worry about a trainer. If you want a trainer, hire one. So here's a question for consideration given that you "actually dread going to the gym" because of "skinny pretty people." How would those people be acting, what would they be doing, and what would they be wearing if no one were watching?

    Now, act alone. Keep going!

  2. Congrats to you on going to the gym. I don't even want to do that at this point. I'm a member of Curves and while I'm not bothered by the women who go there I'm completely annoyed by the trainer so I avoid it all together. Kudos to you for going and that's awesome that you're going to that class. It sounds challenging. I would ignore that trainer and keep doing what you're doing. Her loss if she doesn't want to meet you. Keep up the good work and don't give up. :)


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