31 July 2010


So..not the cleverest title, but whatever. 
The first time L and I went to dinner, he took me here.  Beyond. Amazing.  His mom and step dad are best friends with the head chef/owner and his wife, and it is like we are royalty when we go there.  It is a rare occasion--not just on our cholesterol/fat levels, but our checking account--but SO worth it when we go. 
Why this background?  Well, I have been taking Prednisone for the past three days, and still have three more days to go.  I don't feel myself, my knee still effing hurts, and, sick as it sounds, I want to get back outside and walk/jog.  I feel loopy in the head, jittery, I am sleeping like crap--I took Benadryl last night to get a full 6 hours unlike the previous night of 3.  Basically, I don't feel like myself. At all.  I have already eaten 16.5 points (leaving me with 15.5), and it is only 2:41 PM, but I am hungry, and crave non-stop eating.

So I made focaccia.

I revisited my autographed (AWESOME) Paley's Place Cookbook, and made the dough.  I've made this once before, and it is amazing, and once I know how many slices I can get, I will know the point value more accurately.  As of now, the whole thing will be at least 24 points.  And, as crappy as I feel right now, knowing this will help.  Immensely.

I can't post the recipe.  I'm sorry.  I'd rather have you go out and get this AWESOME cookbook--seriously.  The goat-cheese walla-walla onion tart is TO DIE FOR.  Definitely not on plan, but amazing.  The recipies aren't pretentious nor are they only for the "foodie."  This is one of the huge reasons I am such Paleys' supporters.  Vitaly and Kimberly Paley are amazing people who love food, and love to share that passion with others.    The cookbook is an awesome read--beyond recipes, and basically, my favorite cookbook--even if I am not skilled (or confident) enough to make all the dishes included.

P.S.  He's been on Oprah, Martha Stewart, and is pretty much famous.  AND L's parent's hang out with them all the time.  It is pretty cool.  (Yeah, I am in awe of famous people (chefs) and any entourage.)

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