14 May 2013

Insert title here...

Today I had two parents tell me in so many words or less that my expectations were too high, my workload was too much, I am out of touch with students, am making future students leery of future honors courses, should know that students will be unprepared for national standards because it is a Title 1 school, and basically the town I am teaching in isn't a good fit for me.  Oh, and all my students' parents feel this way, but they were the only ones that had the guts to meet with me face-to-face.

With 23 school days left in the year.

I love life.

10 May 2013

What I learned today...

If staying at school late, do not stop at the grocery store before you hit the highway and buy a big bag of pirates' booty.  Also, do not take the snickerdoodles that the students didn't eat home in the front seat.

Yes, I did eat the whole bag of pirates' booty (14 points); yes I did eat three snickerdoodles (10 points); yes, I blew 24 points today on absolute crap food.  As I was shoveling and driving I knew I was not hungry after I polished off the booty, but did I stop eating? Nope.  Hunger monster of eating bad food was awoken and wanted satisfaction.

And now I feel gross and wish I would have just went to A&W for the 16 point fried cheese curds and 16 point large root beer instead.


Yay for a new day tomorrow!!!

07 May 2013


With food.

Not a good choice, and I knew I was doing it as I was doing it.  And, the euphoria that followed for the brief moment-I recognized was from the shitty food I had just shoveled/crammed into my gullet.

But, I'm ok. I know I will do better.  But a student stole from me today and it really, really bothered me.  And L had a bad day and was easily convinced.  I could have had a salad, or asked for fruit instead of that side of ranch, but I'm tracking every point I ate.  It sucks ass, but I'm doing it.

And I need to get back into working out/jogging/C25K.

Ok.  It's almost Friday right?

25 more school days with students.  I can do this.

02 May 2013


It started to hurt after my Week 3 Day 1 go at C25K.  :(  That was Tuesday, so I haven't done anything since then--and I was on a roll.  I might go out tomorrow and test it. I might just have to deal with the pain and keep pushing.

But tonight I just ate some salted carmel balls of awesome:
OH.  MY.  GOD.

I immediately portioned them out (5 points for 11 balls of heaven).  And treat myself when I need something sweet and/or chocolatey.  The cashier man at Trader Joe's said these must be REALLY good because he finds 4-5 bags opened and empty around the store every day.  Oh cashier man, if you only knew the deliciousness.