29 September 2010

Corn Pancakes

Or....breakfast for dinner...

Thanks again to Krista for this recipe/idea.  I halved her recipe, and took the gluten-free part out, and ate all the pancakes for dinner tonight with a tsp. of butter.  Maple syrup would have been awesome, but I was out of points after the large amount that the entire batch monopolized.

Corn Pancakes (dairy free, egg free)

1/2 cup cornmeal
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup plain rice milk
1 tablespoons honey
1/2 tablespoon oil

Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl.  Stir in the milk and oil.  Mix well and cook as usual. 
I got about 4 pancakes (big!) and the total points for the batch is 14 points.

Crock Pot Awesomeness (my title, Krista's idea)

Dear Krista,

I super-heart you times ten. 

While my version turned out slightly different, this meal was awesome, hearty, and super-perfect for a chilly fall evening/morning!
AND...my sister liked it too!! (not a minor feat let me tell you!)

Here is Krista's version:  check it out!

And here is mine:
Crock Pot Awesomeness
2 Honeycrisp Apples cut up (these were pretty big apples--grown in WI too!!)
2 Sweet potatoes scrubbed and cut up
1 yellow onion cut up
6 whole cloves of garlic
4 boneless skinless chicken thighs
4 drumsticks (they still had the bones and skin)  (*I was really looking for white meat since my sister doesn't like dark meat, but I wound up buying this chicken because it was from local free-range chicken farms that don't use artificial anything. While expensive for my limited budget at the moment, the extra money spent really is worth it to me--especially after watching Food Inc.)
Cinnamon (GENEROUS amount shaken all over the different "layers")
Put all components into crock pot (I pretty much STUFFED the crock pot to maximum capacity), layering the different ingredients with shakes of cinnamon.
I put the dish in the refrigerator overnight (I prepped all of this the night before), took it out before I left the house in the morning (at 6:25 am), and my sister had some when I got home at 6:45 pm and it was PERFECT.  The meat fell apart, and the flavor was incredible.  Hearty, sweet (but not too sweet), and a little savory all in one.  YUM.
Mine reminds me of a stew--much more liquidy than I anticipated (thank goodness I didn't add any liquid!! Thanks Krista!), but totally forkable.
And beyond easy.

My sister estimated we will get about 10 servings from what I made.
10 servings=3pts. per serving.  FRIGGEN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 September 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...

Drumroll please..........................................



Not too shabby even with a fish fry night, and not as much working out as I'd like.  YAY ME!!!

Total since starting WW:  -26.3!!

26 September 2010

Meatloaf Muffins: Delay of Post!

When I saw this recipe I was intrigued--individual portions of protein-filled yummy-ness!  I made these two weeks ago, I just haven't gotten around to posting.  Not having my good camera, nor my normal computer is a bummer. 

And they were easy to make, and they tasted great.  They didn't dry out (it could have been because of all my added veggies), and didn't even need ketchup.  They are super low in points, and I will DEFINITELY make them again. 
Mushrooms and Onions!
Mixing everything together in my sister's too small of a bowl.  Grrrr..

Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

1 lb of ground turkey
1 box of dry Stovetop Turkey Stuffing
1 cup of water
1 egg(or 1/4c egg substitute...less points)  (I used one egg)
(My additions:  1 onion and one package of mushrooms sauteed with olive oil and garlic)

Mix it all up thoroughly..I got my hands dirty on this one to make sure the stuffing mix got mixed in really well. Spray tin with PAM...drop meatloaf mixture into 12 count muffin tin. Bake on 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
(I topped some with ketchup for my sister, and left the other plain pre-baking. )

I miss my good camera! Ketchup wasn't needed!!

23 September 2010

Tonight's dinner & random ponderings

I had a GIANT 1/2 of a zucchini that I needed to use.  So I started cutting it up to roast it.  The dish I *thought* was big enough, was not.  So I still had about 1/4 of the thing left after filling the roasting dish.
The result?
This awesomeness:

Shrimp (17), 1/2 c whole wheat pasta, zucchini, garlic, olive oil, and 1 Tbsp. of shredded Parmesan cheese. (8.5 points)
I am a lucky person.  L is the cook of our house.  Dinners are his thing, and the last time I made a "regular" dinner for us it consisted of Annie's boxed white cheddar shells and cheese and chicken breasts coated in panko.  L at least insists on a veggie with every dinner, and usually some form of starch.  I love his flank steak and black beans and pork dishes.  But being 1700+ miles away from him has made me take ownership for ALL my meals, not just breakfasts, snacks, and lunches.
This meal I am pretty damn proud of.  And it was delcious.  Also, I could easily justify the two double stuff golden oreo cookies and the 1/2 serving of S'mores Goldfish I ate (total of 5.5 points--BAH).
Especially since I even RAN tonight!!
I am nearing the weight I was when I initially moved to OR.  Even though I am not sure the exact figure, I know that I am closing in on a relatively close proximity.  I do everything in my power to weigh myself only the one time a week, but I might have "accidentally" gotten on the scale tonight (before all the eating of course).
I need to make sure that I am only weighing myself the one time a week though.  I think a good portion of my motivation comes from knowing what is to come late Tuesday morning. 
I don't feel like anything is changing except the scale numbers though.  My tape measure is back in OR (I'll wait until I return to do my body measurements again), and my daily attire consists of workout clothes since I am coaching every day.  I am actually worried that when I have to start subbing in two weeks that the clothes I brought won't fit right--not to mention that I packed warm-weather clothes and not many WI fall (and by not many I mean NO) teacher-clothes.
It will be an interesting adventure!!

21 September 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...


-1.1 pound

Considering I've been sick, had a Lambeau Field day of crap eating, haven't been jogging as much as I'd like, I am pretty darn happy.  I have realized that  tracking points for every single thing that I eat is essential in loss!!!  This week will be more productive. I ran yesterday even though I still am coughing, and plan to finish W3 by next weigh in!

18 September 2010


Today is supposed to be W2D2 for C25K. I am coughing and my chest hurts.  Tomorrow, I actually get to go to Lambeau to see the Packer game--so working out won't fit into the schedule.  I need to go workout...I can do this.  Maybe after a nap...

14 September 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...

= -6.2lbs!!!
Ok. The WW weight tracker yelled at me for losing too much weight, but really, I made some serious missteps this past week, so I am THRILLED.  I need to keep plugging away though slowly but surely!!! Day by day!!!

-22.3 since starting WW!!
-40.4 since starting to work out in April!!!!

12 September 2010

I can do it in the rain...AND...I knew it wouldn't be easy...

Yesterday was W1D2 of C25K--AND I went out in the rain!  It wasn't pouring per say, but I still went out in precipitation!
It felt great, and my knee wasn't bugging me--just the blister that I accrued from the first run in my new shoes--which is hurting me now a great deal more.
And then I took my gramma for a walk (i.e. me pushing her wheelchair on the road to avoid the cracks in the sidewalks), and got her lost.  We went 1.68 miles, but some of it was up hill, and pushing my gramma, while she is a waif, wasn't easy for an hour!
This morning my knee is achy--not too painful, but I feel a twinge.  And I am sore in general.  Awesome.

I knew that coming to Wisconsin for three months (what I thought would be two!) would be challenging.  Especially in the working out/eating right front.  I am REALLY fortunate that L and I have a REALLY nice kitchen with ALL the amazing appliances one could ever want.  My sister's kitchen isn't fun to cook in, and her dishwasher doesn't work, so any dishes used for cooking have to be hand-washed in the ONE tub sink.  YUK. 

So this is why I haven't been experimenting much with cooking.  I have been making turkey burgers, the stuffed corn muffins, the hashbrown casserole, raspberry zinger cake, and veggies with dip. But that is about it as far as creativity goes.  I am defrosting ground local turkey,, and thinking of making meatloaf muffins, either that, or just regular meatloaf. 

Other issues I am faced with:
I am tempted every time I go out, and sometimes I give in to the temptation.   Having Leinies available wherever I go on tap and delicious doesn't help either!
My friends are all spread out over the state, super busy, and between spending time with my gramma and grandpa, coaching 8th grade volleyball, and trying to look for jobs, I don't have the time (or the money) that I thought I would have in order to see everyone more. 
I miss L.  Much more than I anticipated. I realize how fortunate I am to be in the partnership that I am in, and I really can't wait for a hug (note my countdown!!).
Football season is here, and my sister isn't a fan of sports.  So sometimes I want to go somewhere where there are like-minded people--it isn't easy to fight off the craving for awesome Wisconsin fried cheese and beer when I'm out!!!

All in all, I know that this new lifestyle is going to be a challenge.  The last two nights I have been CRAVING a fish fry--it is Wisconsin, and we love our fish-fry Fridays.  And ordering fish not-fried--yeah--one can imagine the reaction to that...It doesn't happen.  So last night I fought off the urge, and instead bought some frozen pollock and yukon gold potatoes, and made my own fish fry.  I put some dijion mustard and dill and lemon juice over the fish and baked it, and roasted the potatoes with some garlic and olive oil.  Yay me.
It still doesn't make up for the debacle of "double bubble" Thursday--2 for 1 drinks with Coach T...I didn't feel normal again until Friday night.  :)
Coach T with our first and second rounds of "double bubble." They weren't our last either. 
End of reflection.  The Packers are on--AND I CAN ACTUALLY WATCH THE GAME IN MY JAMMAS (without having to go to a bar to see the game like I do in PDX)!!

08 September 2010

Daily battles and minor victories...

Today I started back up with C25K!!!  I went back to week one/day one, and this time was REALLY different.  It felt--EASY--and I almost wanted to run through the walking sections!!! HAHAHA! What a change from the first time around!! I know that when I get up to week 6 or 7 I will probably be singing a different tune, but I am going to enjoy how powerful I feel at this moment. 
New Shoes!!!
I LOVE my new shoes too--but I do have a blister on my foot, in a place I don't think I've ever had a blister before (inside bottom heel).  My knee doesn't hurt (I think the flat landscape that is Wisconsin is helping), and I went 2.16 miles. 
I ate my trail mix that I made (I had frozen it, and then L mailed it to me with my lunch box and shoes and rollerblades)--YUM!!!!! I knew I was eating nuts, but the almond slivers actually weren't that bad!! I can't wait to make more and not nearly burn it!

I was craving a coffee--a REAL one because it is cold here!!!   But, I have been avoiding Starbucks like the plague because everything I love to drink is tremendously high in points.  Today, I tried something new.  A grande pumpkin spice latte.  Delicious.  YUM. YUM. But, there is a slight (well, more than slight) problem. This delicious BEVERAGE was NINE (9) POINTS!!!!!!!! More than most Lean Cuisines, more than the turkey sandwich I packed for lunch today.  Even more than two double-stuffed oreo cookies!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

Good thing I jogged today!! 

07 September 2010

WI Tuesday from Wisconsin...


Even after the debacle that was yesterday!!
Total = -17.2 since starting WW
YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND...my knee doesn't hurt from walking in terrible conditions and terrible shoes yesterday!  My new running shoes come in today, so I can start back up the C25K program tomorrow!!!!  We have our first game today too--I'm excited to see how my little 8th graders do!!
CELEBRATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 September 2010

Suffering through the consequences...

I know that I deserve this...It was my choices that got me here...but I need to remember this to reference in the future so I do not repeat the same choices...
Saturday night I went to Buffalo Wild Wings--I was craving a social atmosphere and really wanted a beer.
I actually did do some studying for the GRE!!
This was delicious.
I should have just gotten the beer.  But, instead I got the oven potato "fries" drenched in melted mozzarella with ranch dressing, and finished it off with apple pie with caramel sauce and ice cream (I actually couldn't finish this though).  I had a giant beer and 2/3 of another giant one and had the gut ache of all gut aches.

 Sunday--I did awesome all day!  And then I stopped at the grocery store.  :(  I had to get diet cream soda so I could make my little sister the Raspberry Zinger Cake, and found the new satan:
YUM--but the DEVIL
And BOY are they DELICIOUS.  
The problem?
One serving = two cookies.
Two cookies = 4 POINTS!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, thanks to the eating I have been doing for the past month, my sweet tooth is sated much easier.  Normally I could have put away at least 10 of these cookies. I had 2.  YAY ME!!
I just need to work harder at not putting myself in such situations. i.e. stop attending grocery stores.  :)

03 September 2010

I know that I shouldn't have...

But I did...

Yes, it was delicious...but now I have a gut-ache and feel pretty gross.

Toppers Pizza and ToppersStix--definitely NOT WW friendly!
Oh well. 
I guesstimated at about 35 points for what I ate...I hope that is enough...I guess I'll see on Tuesday!

Dear Weight Watchers,

I am sure that you are aware of this little detail, but just in case, let me remind you...

I hope that there is some sort of compensation for this guffaw, though, I don't want coupons where I have to buy 6 SmartOnes in order to get 50 cents off.  :(

Yeah...I'm grouchy.  **WARNING--this is about to sound NOT like me at all** I MISS GOING TO THE GYM.  :(

01 September 2010

Veggie Dip

No picture, because it is white and creamy, and looks like veggie dip.  BUT, I wasn't expecting it to be SO good!! L's mom made this for a BBQ they had but she might have added water at the suggestion of her husband! :)  I didn't, and I can't believe how perfect it is as a dip!!
Ok, this is almost as easy as what I normally do (light sour cream and ranch powder mix), but there is an additional step.

1 container low fat cottage cheese
1 packet hidden valley ranch powder mix
dill weed (I added a lot! I LOVE IT!)

Put all in blender, and blend until creamy smooth.

That's it! YAY!!
8 points TOTAL for the entire thing of dip!! Which, I'm sure I will probably get more than 8 servings, which is about a point or less every time I consume veggies and dip. 

Unless my sister eats it all first.