01 September 2010

Veggie Dip

No picture, because it is white and creamy, and looks like veggie dip.  BUT, I wasn't expecting it to be SO good!! L's mom made this for a BBQ they had but she might have added water at the suggestion of her husband! :)  I didn't, and I can't believe how perfect it is as a dip!!
Ok, this is almost as easy as what I normally do (light sour cream and ranch powder mix), but there is an additional step.

1 container low fat cottage cheese
1 packet hidden valley ranch powder mix
dill weed (I added a lot! I LOVE IT!)

Put all in blender, and blend until creamy smooth.

That's it! YAY!!
8 points TOTAL for the entire thing of dip!! Which, I'm sure I will probably get more than 8 servings, which is about a point or less every time I consume veggies and dip. 

Unless my sister eats it all first.

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