12 September 2010

I can do it in the rain...AND...I knew it wouldn't be easy...

Yesterday was W1D2 of C25K--AND I went out in the rain!  It wasn't pouring per say, but I still went out in precipitation!
It felt great, and my knee wasn't bugging me--just the blister that I accrued from the first run in my new shoes--which is hurting me now a great deal more.
And then I took my gramma for a walk (i.e. me pushing her wheelchair on the road to avoid the cracks in the sidewalks), and got her lost.  We went 1.68 miles, but some of it was up hill, and pushing my gramma, while she is a waif, wasn't easy for an hour!
This morning my knee is achy--not too painful, but I feel a twinge.  And I am sore in general.  Awesome.

I knew that coming to Wisconsin for three months (what I thought would be two!) would be challenging.  Especially in the working out/eating right front.  I am REALLY fortunate that L and I have a REALLY nice kitchen with ALL the amazing appliances one could ever want.  My sister's kitchen isn't fun to cook in, and her dishwasher doesn't work, so any dishes used for cooking have to be hand-washed in the ONE tub sink.  YUK. 

So this is why I haven't been experimenting much with cooking.  I have been making turkey burgers, the stuffed corn muffins, the hashbrown casserole, raspberry zinger cake, and veggies with dip. But that is about it as far as creativity goes.  I am defrosting ground local turkey,, and thinking of making meatloaf muffins, either that, or just regular meatloaf. 

Other issues I am faced with:
I am tempted every time I go out, and sometimes I give in to the temptation.   Having Leinies available wherever I go on tap and delicious doesn't help either!
My friends are all spread out over the state, super busy, and between spending time with my gramma and grandpa, coaching 8th grade volleyball, and trying to look for jobs, I don't have the time (or the money) that I thought I would have in order to see everyone more. 
I miss L.  Much more than I anticipated. I realize how fortunate I am to be in the partnership that I am in, and I really can't wait for a hug (note my countdown!!).
Football season is here, and my sister isn't a fan of sports.  So sometimes I want to go somewhere where there are like-minded people--it isn't easy to fight off the craving for awesome Wisconsin fried cheese and beer when I'm out!!!

All in all, I know that this new lifestyle is going to be a challenge.  The last two nights I have been CRAVING a fish fry--it is Wisconsin, and we love our fish-fry Fridays.  And ordering fish not-fried--yeah--one can imagine the reaction to that...It doesn't happen.  So last night I fought off the urge, and instead bought some frozen pollock and yukon gold potatoes, and made my own fish fry.  I put some dijion mustard and dill and lemon juice over the fish and baked it, and roasted the potatoes with some garlic and olive oil.  Yay me.
It still doesn't make up for the debacle of "double bubble" Thursday--2 for 1 drinks with Coach T...I didn't feel normal again until Friday night.  :)
Coach T with our first and second rounds of "double bubble." They weren't our last either. 
End of reflection.  The Packers are on--AND I CAN ACTUALLY WATCH THE GAME IN MY JAMMAS (without having to go to a bar to see the game like I do in PDX)!!

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