05 September 2010

Suffering through the consequences...

I know that I deserve this...It was my choices that got me here...but I need to remember this to reference in the future so I do not repeat the same choices...
Saturday night I went to Buffalo Wild Wings--I was craving a social atmosphere and really wanted a beer.
I actually did do some studying for the GRE!!
This was delicious.
I should have just gotten the beer.  But, instead I got the oven potato "fries" drenched in melted mozzarella with ranch dressing, and finished it off with apple pie with caramel sauce and ice cream (I actually couldn't finish this though).  I had a giant beer and 2/3 of another giant one and had the gut ache of all gut aches.

 Sunday--I did awesome all day!  And then I stopped at the grocery store.  :(  I had to get diet cream soda so I could make my little sister the Raspberry Zinger Cake, and found the new satan:
YUM--but the DEVIL
And BOY are they DELICIOUS.  
The problem?
One serving = two cookies.
Two cookies = 4 POINTS!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, thanks to the eating I have been doing for the past month, my sweet tooth is sated much easier.  Normally I could have put away at least 10 of these cookies. I had 2.  YAY ME!!
I just need to work harder at not putting myself in such situations. i.e. stop attending grocery stores.  :)

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