28 November 2011

Stinky on the domestic front.

Since I am still unemployed (grumble grumble), I try to keep up with cleaning the house and chores.  Which I hate.  Which, I told L when we first met, "I don't clean."

Yeah.  Things change when you lose the ability to financially contribute.

So today I thought I'd tackle one of my nemesis's, the filthy oven and stove top.  I tried a home cleaner from pintrest, but made the mistake of first starting the oven's cleaning cycle (which actually goes for 4 hours!!).  While the home-made cleaner worked, it took many rinsings to semi-get the solution off,  and I don't think my choice to do both cleanings at once was beneficial--the heat dried the solution so it became crusty and flaky, which I will now have to vacuum and mop because of the mess that transferred to the floor.

And now there are still at least two hours more to go for the oven's cycle, and my house STINKS.  Even with the windows open.

So, overall, the results today: stinky house, super scrubbing and eternal rinsing with still a not 100% clean stovetop, messy floor  = I SHOULDN'T CLEAN. EVER.


19 November 2011

mini-ugly dog 1; me 0

Yup. Bit by a dog.
The rain held up enough yesterday afternoon (Friday), and I was irked that I didn't walk very long on Thursday, so I set off.  I had an awesome pace going on, and was about 10 minutes from home at a park when I saw a lady with her little, as I call them "shit-mouthed dog," on a leash walking towards a garbage can.  I was in my own world, listening to my fantasy football podcast, and as I saw the dog and the owner head for the sidewalk, I started to look down towards my feet until we passed each other.  As much as I really do love dogs, I don't like little yippy dogs (annoying), and I don't like to make eye contact with people on my walks...I don't know why I am like this, I just am.  Anyway, I am walking, looking down and away from little crap dog and her owner, when suddenly the dog lunges at my thigh, nips once to attempt a grip, then twice tearing at my pants and biting my leg.  The owner was in shock, she pulled it off me as a scrap of my pants fluttered from the dog's mouth as I stood in shock.  I was just minding my own business. I didn't even look at the ugly dog--it wasn't an awesome dog like the greyhounds and great danes and labs that live by me, it was an ugly thing like this:

WTF did I do to make it attack me?
So, since I am a total nimrod, I looked at the owner and she had complete terror in her eyes and she said "I am so sorry."  I mumbled, "That's allright," AND KEPT WALKING.  

Yes. I am a dumbass.

Why am I a dumb ass?  Well, I was wearing my favorite workout pants, and they are now ruined.  I didn't even get the name of the person whose dog attacked me, and as people on facebook pointed out to me, what if it had been a little kid that the dog bit--or bites next?
I am more mad about my pants being wrecked than anything else. 

Today I am bruised around the bite area, and I am feeling guilty for not reporting it.  So I will.  I guess i get frustrated by our litigious society and didn't want anything bad to happen to the dog or its owner, even if I was attacked unprovoked, it really isn't that big of a deal.

But the more I think about this, the angrier I get.  Anyone else in my situation would have stopped the owner and gotten her information and reported the bite right away.

Who else but my dumb ass would be more concerned about keeping my awesome walking pace going than stopping for valuable information?

ARGH.  I wish I was more assertive sometimes.

I'm just not.  :(


16 November 2011


I can't believe how much strength I've lost missing eight Body Pump classes (two weeks away from the gym), and I feel super useless.  Some of the problems might come from being sick--I have some sort of a cold that  I can't shake, but overall I am feeling very wussy.  Normally I am the one with the heaviest bar during our 6 minutes of squats (35lbs on each side of the bar--even more than any guy in class), but I came back and wanted to take it easy so I could still walk, and doing just 20lbs on each side makes me want to die.

The good thing about this though is that I want to work hard to get back to where I was and even more!  It is a super-power trip to be strong, and I want to continue to get stronger.

The weather blows today.  I think winter is officially here in the NW, and luckily I took advantage of the day yesterday and went for a nearly three-mile walk.  It felt really good and it is something I want to get back in to--even if it isn't jogging/running, at least I am off my ass and moving.  Only attending Body Pump classes with an occasional Zumba class thrown in isn't cutting it.  Especially considering how I have been fueling my body.

That topic is for another day.

13 November 2011

My photographer is a TEASE!

And I love it!!!
(Plus, she shot my wedding for free to build her portfolio, so I am forever indebted to her.)
Some of my favorites!

09 November 2011

SO much!!!!!

And while I am overwhelmed, I am looking forward to all the things I have to catch up on:
Writing (updating this!)
Working out
Reading blogs I've missed
Reading books!
Applying for jobs--I.AM.GOING.TO.GET.A.JOB.
Eating better
Starting my CASA case!

Off to clean and make some dinner plans!  I can't wait to get back into the swing of things!