16 November 2011


I can't believe how much strength I've lost missing eight Body Pump classes (two weeks away from the gym), and I feel super useless.  Some of the problems might come from being sick--I have some sort of a cold that  I can't shake, but overall I am feeling very wussy.  Normally I am the one with the heaviest bar during our 6 minutes of squats (35lbs on each side of the bar--even more than any guy in class), but I came back and wanted to take it easy so I could still walk, and doing just 20lbs on each side makes me want to die.

The good thing about this though is that I want to work hard to get back to where I was and even more!  It is a super-power trip to be strong, and I want to continue to get stronger.

The weather blows today.  I think winter is officially here in the NW, and luckily I took advantage of the day yesterday and went for a nearly three-mile walk.  It felt really good and it is something I want to get back in to--even if it isn't jogging/running, at least I am off my ass and moving.  Only attending Body Pump classes with an occasional Zumba class thrown in isn't cutting it.  Especially considering how I have been fueling my body.

That topic is for another day.


  1. Oh My God! 35 lbs. on EACH SIDE??
    I'm training to be a BP instructor this weekend, and I never even put more than 20 on each side. You are a beast (in a good way, of course!)!!

  2. Thank you!! I LOVE being a BEAST!!!! My goal is to do 50 each side, which will require me to use one of the barbells in the meat-head section of the gym. :) I LOVE being strong!!!!!


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