28 November 2011

Stinky on the domestic front.

Since I am still unemployed (grumble grumble), I try to keep up with cleaning the house and chores.  Which I hate.  Which, I told L when we first met, "I don't clean."

Yeah.  Things change when you lose the ability to financially contribute.

So today I thought I'd tackle one of my nemesis's, the filthy oven and stove top.  I tried a home cleaner from pintrest, but made the mistake of first starting the oven's cleaning cycle (which actually goes for 4 hours!!).  While the home-made cleaner worked, it took many rinsings to semi-get the solution off,  and I don't think my choice to do both cleanings at once was beneficial--the heat dried the solution so it became crusty and flaky, which I will now have to vacuum and mop because of the mess that transferred to the floor.

And now there are still at least two hours more to go for the oven's cycle, and my house STINKS.  Even with the windows open.

So, overall, the results today: stinky house, super scrubbing and eternal rinsing with still a not 100% clean stovetop, messy floor  = I SHOULDN'T CLEAN. EVER.


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  1. Ugh... I hate cleaning, too, and cleaning the stove is the worst!!! I think the only thing worse is cleaning the fridge. I think I puke every time I have to do it.


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