09 August 2010

Almond, Toasted Oat and Cherry Trail Mix

Ok. I hate nuts.  Occasionally, I will eat a honey-roasted peanut (or toffee coated, or dark chocolate covered) or a macadamia nut.  If there is beer and a live baseball game involved I will even eat peanuts in the shell. I do like peanut butter, but it has to be creamy--I am pretty grossed out by the texture.  My gramma b. used to "disown" me when I would spit out the mini pistachio pieces in her jello fluff desert she'd make for Thanksgiving.  
That said, I know that nuts are good for me.  Almonds especially, are an amazing snack that many of my fellow educators stash to eat in small amounts throughout the day.  I need something like that. So I am going to teach myself to like nuts.  Here is my first attempt!!  

1 cup(s) uncooked old fashioned oats
⅔ cup(s) dried cherries, chopped
¼ cup(s) slivered almonds
¼ teaspoon table salt (I used Kosher)
1 tablespoon Land O Lakes Stick Light Butter, or similar product, melted (I used whipped--same points)
¼ cup(s) honey

Out of the oven!
Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a sided sheet pan with parchment paper.
In a large bowl, stir together rolled oats, cherries, almonds and salt. Drizzle with butter and honey and toss thoroughly.
Spread mixture evenly on sheet pan. Bake, stirring occasionally to ensure even browning, about 20 to 25 minutes; let cool. Yields about 1/3 cup per serving. 8 servings

A few of these pre-measured bags are headed for the car to have after working out!

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