28 August 2010

It is very easy

to abandon new, good habits for the old, unhealthy habits....

Yesterday was a disaster. 
I am not beating myself up, but I do recognize how crappy I feel today and how the moments of fatty gratification ultimately were not worth it.

Today is a new day!!


  1. I know how you feel. I was doing so good and then for the last week I've just lost it. Especially with getting to the gym. You're right, though, tomorrow is a new day.

  2. My friend was in town, and we sort of ate A LOT. And now I am headed back to Wisconsin, I have been eating to medicate...it is going to be rough at first, but I am looking forward to a routine and more healthy choices. We can do this!!!

  3. Hi there! You won the coupon on my blog to try the IDEAL sweetener. Email me your address at ddbeth83@hotmail.com. Whoohoo!!



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