19 August 2010


No lower body.
ARGH.  I have been on such a roll.  I was going to take the MuscleBlast class this afternoon too.  I know that I can do upper body, but I am also wary of this stretching out longer than it has to. I want to start jogging again...I think I will at least take this week off and see what happens.  With my friend coming on Monday, I know I will be walking a good amount, so if I do nothing for the next four days, hopefully that will be ok.

And my doctor is the most facetious man ever.  And, when I mentioned I "happened" to also be doing squats after he wondered why after just walking and the elliptical I was hurting, I got the look of death.

Serves him right for saying "It looks like we've got a knee" as he was showing me my X-Ray.

At least I don't have arthritis, I have good space in my joints, and basically, my knee is fine.

I just wish it would stop hurting!!!!

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