24 August 2010

Accountability... (**With Updates and Photos!)

I have a friend in town.  I LOVE IT!!!  Problem?  Dining out is the option of choice--which, I don't mind--but it makes recording point values challenging.  I don't plan to fall completely off the wagon and throw all my hard work away, but I do know that until Thursday I will be existing in a huge challenge to fight the urge to revert back to old habits.

(no breakfast--I KNOW.)
Deschutes Brewery : J's number one mission was to have marionberry cobbler.  As she put it, "I've been thinking about it for the last year and a half." So, instead of hitting up food carts (hey, I thought to bring her to do something different!), we ate lunch here as soon as she arrived.
Pretzel and cheesey beer mustard deliciousness!
What we ate:
Marion Berry Cobbler.
Split the large "house baked pretzel" and cheesey/to die for dip of deliciousness.
I ate 3 pieces of the 6 pieces of a cheese thin-crust, brick oven pizza (the pizza was the size of a dinner plate)
Split the marionberry cobbler that had a scoop of ice cream on top.

Mio Sushi : J LOVES sushi, and L loves it too. I enjoy watching people eat it.  I usually get a bento--in the old days I would get tempura.  Not this time!
What I ate:
About 3-5 calamari pieces (yes, panko and salt-n-pepper coated/fried) (2-3 dips of some sort of sauce), and several styrofoam, I mean rice, noodles.
Delicious Miso soup.
In my bento: salad with an orange-y citrus dressing; 2 veggie gyozas (probably not healthy), chicken teriyaki, ~1 cup white rice, and veggie teppan (there was tofu in it too--the first tofu I've ever enjoyed!!).
My Bento!
1 roll --I don't even remember what it was because I was so traumatized. I DO NOT LIKE SUSHI.  But, at least I tried!!!

Overall, I don't think I totally sucked a fat one as far as point consumption goes, however, if I am realistic, the dipping sauce for the pretzel and the marionberry cobbler probably were my points allotment for the day.  :(  Oh well. At least I can workout again starting Friday!!

Today's plan? (i.e. Tuesday)
Breakfast = (I ate 4 perogies--HEY!! I KNOW, BUT--I've been up since 4:30 this morning)... Not sure what we will do for real though...  (**I wound up eating one of the leftover pizza slices from Monday's lunch!!)
Scallops and fries.  I ate it all.  I know, I know....
The beach = SEAFOOD OF AMAZING!!!  (**And, it was even better than I remembered!!)

And dinner, if we are back = Roxy's (Hawaiian!!!)

Roxy's delicious Sho yu Chicken (plate lunch w/ macaroni salad--I KNOW...but SO GOOD!!!)

And Wednesday?
Breakfast = ?

The Oregonian= Grilled Challah bread, Oregon hazelnut butter, Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese, and Marion Berry Jam.  YUM!!!!
Lunch = PBJ's food cart .  Yes, I am aware that the options are the least healthy on the planet, but I am dying to have the full experience from the bite I had when I was at The Bite of Oregon!  AND, J seemed pretty excited when I told her about it!!!  :)

She IS the guest!!!

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