07 August 2010

Let's say it all together...


Today will be a challenge like I haven't seen for a while.  This morning L, his parents, and his step sister & brother in-law are headed to the Bite of Oregon for lunch.

And tonight L's friends invited us here. Sure, I could have the king crab legs at 3 points/leg--but I AM UNEMPLOYED.  ARGH.  If I liked chili I'd have the scallops.  L said I should have the pork tenderloin, but that is something I can have at any time (well, you know what I mean). I think I am leaning towards the Dungeness Crab Stack Salad though...we'll see.

The plan was to get up early (or normal if you live in my body), go workout, have a filling breakfast, and then head to the Bite armed with no hunger.

The problem?  Well, I've been up since 3AM.  I think I fell asleep for 20 minutes on the couch, but other than that, no extra ZZZZs for me.  I am exhausted.  I can't get enough together inside to workout, AND I can't let enough go in order to take a nap before we leave!!  AWESOME! 

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