20 August 2010

A "treat" + consequences...

This is only 1/2 of the screens.  Seriously. Heaven.
I have been pretty serious about this significant life change since re-starting WW.  I have been sticking to plan, recording EVERYTHING I eat, and staying away from trigger foods (fattening, calorie-filled, unhealthy choices).  Last night we went to my new obsession:  Big Al's for dinner and bowling with L's stepsister and brother-in-law.  Big Al's "dining room" is my idea of the holy promised land  The food selections?  Not so much.  I was going to try a "healthy option," but the calorie count for these 3! dishes were astounding in their own right (averaging 13 points per dish), so I thought I'd "treat" myself to something I haven't eaten in over a month of hard work.

I got a cheeseburger.
I wanted the Hawaiian burger with teryiaki and cheese and pineapple, but I just got the cheeseburger...Yay me #1.

I wanted the french fries (SO MUCH), but I got a side salad--and even asked for italian dressing on the side.  The salad arrived drenched in salad dressing, but hey, I tried. YAY me #2.

The burger came on this THICK delicious multi-grain flavorful savory toast-ish that of course was drenched in butter.  Not to mention, the top 1/2 was coated with mayo.  So, I left the burger open faced, and used my fork and knife, and ate the burger on the bottom bread.  No mayo.  YAY me #3.

I ate the entire salad AND NOT ONE CROUTON.  Now, anyone who even knows me a little, knows that me and bread--any kind of bread--are best of friends. I could eat bread ALL DAY LONG.   YAY me #4.

I didn't eat the entire bottom bread, but I did eat all the burger.  (I probably ate 2/3 of the bread.) YAY me #5.

L saved room so he could order a mud pie while we bowled, and R ordered a Heath Bar shake that she shared with D.  It came with a mound of whip cream that made me salivate, but I just drank my fizzy water from my new water bottle that I brought with me to fight temptation.  YAY me #6.

So, with all these YAYs, how did my body reward me?

Well, my guts felt like they were being ripped up and stabbed with several knives for several hours...


I guess my insides are enjoying my healthier choices and wanted to remind me that eating greasy, fattening, delectable food is what got me into this predicament in the first place.

So for breakfast this morning I had a stuffed corn muffin (new and improved batch-2 pts), a bowl of kix (1c=1 pt.) 1/3 c milk (.5pts.), 1/2 tsp. butter on the muffin (.5pts.), and a 3 oz. pork loin that L grilled last night before he found out we were going to bowl AND eat.  (well, and a coke zero)....



  1. Oh yes, the body has a way of reminding us when we overindulge. Good for you though for really thinking through all your choices and trying to make the best choices from a mindfield of a menu. I looked at their menu, to see if anything was Paulo friendly, it's not. We'll have to wait to visit the new Big Al's that's practically in our backyard!

  2. It really is awesome--if you eat before hand!! Then bowling and pool and arcade games--I am surprised your teenager hasn't made it his new hangout--last night it was FILLED with teeny-boppers!!! Paulo will LOVE LOVE LOVE it there!!!


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