14 January 2011

Without temptation...

I do much better.

On my jog (it was going to be a long one too!), I got a text from a friend asking me to meet her at Olive Garden.  Her BF HATES the OG, and of course, never one to pass up hanging out with an awesome friend or hideous amounts of carbs, I texted (as I ran) that I'd for sure meet her.  So, I cut my run short, and met her with a plan: minimal soup, salad, and breadsticks...
Yeah, right.
That didn't happen.

And we split dessert.

Though, I will have to admit, I would have eaten an entire dessert on my own and even more breadsticks in my prior life...

Even so, I left with a gut-ache, and it is over 6 hours later and I am still disgustingly full.
And, I ate the creamy gnocchi soup too. 

Holy crap day of no restraint.

I won't even mention the beer bread I made and ate two slices of last night (9 points), or the homemade blueberry muffins I made and ate two of (8 points) last night.


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